Sweet Pear Steamed with Sichuan Fritillary Bulb

Sweet Pear Steamed with Sichuan Fritillary Bulb


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This is a cough suppressant that is easy to make but is often forgotten by people. Sweet pear steamed with Sichuan fritillary bulb is good for people who “cough with heat in their lungs” (that is, when they have a lot of phlegm when coughing),

Sichuan fritillary bulb
Sichuan Fritillary Bulb

especially for people whose face turn completely red when they cough, and for those who cough the most in the morning and at night, and whose symptoms don’t go away even after taking medication or even injection.

sweet pear
Sweet Pear

In the morning, between 5am to 7am, the human large intestine channel is working, and at night, from 3am to 5am, the lungs channel is doing the same. Since the lungs and the large intestine are interior-exteriorly related, if one of them has problems, the other one would not get away either. When the patient consumes this sweet pear steamed with Sichuan fritillary bulb, it’s supposed to heal his lungs and large intestine at the same time.

So, you might wonder – how does this work and does it work well? I suppose you only know after you try. What I can say for sure is, it is more effective for people who cough with “heat in their lungs”. If you happen to have a dry cough (more like a sensitive throat), you can also have this sweet pear steamed with Sichuan fritillary bulb,

but I’d suggest you add some ginger or spice berries in it. (It is actually quite easy to differentiate the kind of bodily imbalance that you’re suffering from – if your phlegm is in white color, and you have clear snot, then your body is “cold”, you’re having an “anemofrigid cold”; if you have a dry cough and yellow phlegm, but you have no snot, then your body is “hot” and you’re having a “common cold with wind-heat syndrome”.)

rock sugar
Rock Sugar

(PS: All ingredients can be found on AMAZON, in Chinese traditional pharmacy or in Chinese supermarkets)


Sichuan fritillary bulb             5 grams

Sweet Pear                     1 piece

Rock sugar                     20 grams

1. Use a rolling pin to crush the Sichuan fritillary bulb into powder, the sweet pear is washed and peeled, and cut from the top at 1/4; use a knife or spoon to dig out the seeds and it becomes a pear cup.

2. Put 5 grams of Sichuan fritillary bulb powder and sprinkle the right amount of rock sugar on it.

3. Cover the lid, fix it with a toothpick, and put it in a bowl.

4. Boil the water in a steamer and place in the bowl filled with Sichuan fritillary bulb powder and the sweet pear. Steam for 30 minutes with medium heat. Then, let it cool for a while before it’s served.


1. “Hot” body, choose rock sugar.

2. “Cold” body, choose brown sugar.

3. For the Sichuan Fritillary Bulb, don’t choose those which are white. As they were steamed by sulfur.

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