Plum Blossom


-Around 10.6″ full length

-Around 3.3″ height

-Around 0.2″ thickness

-Around 6.5″ blade length

-Around 1.1 lbs / 500g

-Hard carbon steel

-Hand forging

-Chopping poultry bones: Yes

-Chopping medium/small livestock bones: Yes (Using the back part of the blade)

-Chopping big frozen livestock bones: No

NOTE: Blade may rust if left wet, this is NOT stainless steel.

Chinese Rouge:

-Color: the legendary red

-Shelf Life: 1 year

-Net Content: 3 g

-Ingredient: Damask Rose

Chinese Eyebrow Cream:

-Color: Dark Black

-Shelf Life: 1 year

-Net Content: 10 g

-Ingredient: Bluestone powder; Jojoba Oil; Shea nut oil; Olive Oil; Roses

Packing List:

One Set Cleaver + One Set Chinese Rouge/Chinese Eyebrow Cream + One Set Chopsticks

* If all you want to do is slicing, cutting, pressing or chopping in the kitchen. Plum Blossom is your best choice.

* If you are about to use this cleaver in gardening, camping, and kitchen. Banyan should be a priority.

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