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I cooked this dish for my family today, came across Li ziqi 李子柒 uploading this dish’s video.  Pork bones stewed with soy source is a famous Northeast Chinese cuisine, really good for the elder and kids.

Let’s introduce some of this dish made by Li ziqi on her video. (Youtube Vid)

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Pork Bones Stewed with Soy Source 东北大酱骨 – A Famous Northeast Chinese cuisine

Interesting Meat 把子肉 – A Typical Shandong Cuisine (fat but not greasy, meaty but tender)

(Normally, before cooking, put all bones & meat into COLD fresh water for hours to remove the bloody dirty.)


pork bones

pork ribs

(pork leg bones, pork spines, and pork ribs can be optional)


dried collybia albuminosa

dried bay leaves


dried orange peel

dried anises



dried red chilies

Sichuan peppers

dried astragals

green onions

rock sugar

light soy sauce

dark soy sauce

sweet ferment rice (can be replaced by cooking wine / Chinese white wine)


(Tips: 1.rock sugar and dark soy sauce are for the brown color on the dish. sweet ferment/cooking wine is for getting off ‘fishy smell’ of the bones. 2. Li ziqi did not use the ‘Northeast bean paste’ in this dish, but this kind of paste is optional. If you would like to add more flavors to it, you can have a try.)


Ingredients of another dish stewed with soup base (soup of pork bones stewed with soy source )

small mustard leaf


lotus roots

oyster mushrooms

Green beans / long beans / kidney beans

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