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During autumn and winter when the weather is dry, it is easy to have “yeat hay” in your body, which leads to coughing (when a Chinese person says they have “yeet hay”(inner heat or internal fever), what they are usually referring to are the symptoms that their bodies are suffering from, such as a sore throat, mouth ulcer, acne, nose bleeding, sore eyes, tiredness, etc.) What I’d like to introduce today is a “moisturizing and nourishing” health tea – the nourishing Monk Fruit Tea that is perfect for dry weather like autumn and winter. The chosen ingredients are commonly found, and families are recommended to have a try to pamper themselves during this season.

monk fruit
Monk Fruit

Monk Fruit: it is delicious and aromatic. It is known as the “Fairy Fruit” (In Chinese Pinyin: Sheng Xian Guo) and has the effects of clearing away the “heat” in a human body, it can detoxify, relieve phlegm and cough, nourish the lungs and remove bad breath.

Dry jujube
Dry jujube

Dried jujube: nourishing the spleen and the blood, cultivating the health of the stomach and the spleen, replenishing the blood and has a calming effect.

Longan meat
Longan meat

Dried Longan meat: it has a mild nature (in Chinese medicine, when we refer to a kind of food that is “hot” in nature, it means that it might lead symptoms related to “yeat hay”, while a kind of food that is “cool” in nature would bring about a cooling effect for the human body, relieving these symptoms. Generally speaking, foods that are “cool” are alkaline in nature. Foods that are “mild” are those in between the two) and a sweet taste, beneficial to the spleen, qi and blood; it has a strong nourishing and strengthening effect to the body, it can also bring about a calming effect to the mind and help one to focus.

Dry Wolfberry
Dry Wolfberry

Dried Wolfberry: it has an effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the essence (In Chinese medicine, we perceive the “essence” like the “core” of a human body and it is important to have foods that have a positive effect for our “essence”), nourishing the liver and improving the eyesight, nourishing the blood and soothe the nerves, quenching thirst, moisturizing our lungs and relieving cough.

Monk Fruit has the function of moisturizing the throat and clearing fire (the same “yeat hay” that we’ve mentioned previously), because of its “cooling” nature, and the other ingredients used all have a “mild” nature, when they are combined, they can form a multi-functional effect as heat-clearing, moisturizing and nourishing of the human body.

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Jujube                               3 pieces

Monk Fruit                         ¼ piece

Dried Longan meat            3-6 pieces

Wolfberry                           10-15 pieces

Water                                  1200ml

1. Get all the ingredients ready

2. Cut each of the jujube into four petals, wash the monk fruit and take ¼ of it, husk included.

3. Pour the 1200ml purified water into the health pot (a health pot refers to a container that can be used for boiling beverages for health care. It belongs to the category of small appliances, similar to an electric kettle), choose the “boiled tea” function, then add the ingredients, boil again and then add the wolfberries.

4. After the boiling is finished, pour the tea into the cup and add the cooked ingredients in it.

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