I feel like I’ve done something meaningful

I feel like I’ve done something meaningful Banner for rongai knife


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In the eyes of her fans, Li Ziqi has transformed her life into a poetic one.

At the end of 2017, Li Ziqi’s videos quickly went viral in various network platforms in China, and in 2018, it even became popular throughout foreign networks.However, the growing popularity of Li Ziqi has also made her controversial. At the end of 2019, there was a sudden surge of controversies from all aspects. It seems that no matter at home or abroad, there’s a strong doubtful voice that’s hoovering over this beautiful girl. After waiting for things to settle down, one month later, Li Ziqi uploaded a new video on the first day of 2020, and used the song “消愁, by Mao Buyi 毛不易 as the background music. After watching this video, we’re sure that she’s still the same Li Ziqi, and she’s back to us.

After this tremendous controversy, Li Ziqi accepted an interview of a Chinese media.

Q: How has getting famous in China and overseas changed your life?

Liziqi: I’m actually quite surprised to be welcomed by so many people from all over the world. This was totally unexpected. Nowadays, there are fans who’d translate the online reviews from abroad and send them to me, and I do check them out when I have the time to. Shooting videos is something that I’m really fond of. Whenever more people, even foreigners watch my videos, I know that I’m conveying them useful information, such as the sources of crops, traditional crafts, etc. I feel like I’ve done something meaningful.

Q: After you got famous, there’ve been some controversial topics against you. For example, some people said that the rural life appeared in your videos aren’t really how it looks like in the villages, and some said that your videos aren’t exactly a cultural transmission either. How do you treat and respond to these claims?

Liziqi: Now I tend to perceive these claims with an open mind.

There are always two sides for each lifestyle. It all depends on how you want to live your own, and if you’re willing to work hard for it. Actually, it’s not that difficult to grow flowers, vegetables or fruit trees in the farm. There’re always hard days, which I didn’t include in my videos. Since most of the people nowadays suffer from great pressure in life, I just hope that they can have a moment of relaxation and feel the beauty of life when they watch my videos. I wish that they can have heal my audience’s heart, instead of making them feel heavier.

As for cultural transmission, I believe that it’s a big achievement that can only be realized with the hard work of countless people, and I’m just a single person doing my most beloved thing. When I found out that so many people from abroad have watched my videos, like them and know more about China through them, I felt really proud.

“Shooting videos is something that I’m enthusiastic with, and every time I finish shooting a video, I have a great sense of satisfaction.”

Q: What was your original intention of shooting the videos? At the earliest stage, how did you decide the content and the style?

Liziqi: I started doing research at the end of 2015, and I started shooting the first video in March 2016.( Episode : 20160325 Peach Blossom Wine)
Regarding the style and content of my videos, I think it must have something to do with the environment of my childhood.At that time, we were sufficient in all aspects, including what we ate, used and dressed. For me, it was a natural influence and I knew perfectly the roots of my surroundings, I’m also in awe to everything that nature has given to me. Therefore, when I started making short videos, I would always start with what I’m most familiar with.

Q: In order to shoot a nice video, what kinds of preparations are there before shooting? And how long does this preparation take?

Liziqi: If the content of the video is different, then the things to be prepared would be different as well.
If it is a video about the daily life in villages, I’d start shooting whenever there’re ripe fruits and vegetables. You have different kinds of food ingredients in every season, and many of them are ready made. For videos that involve long time spans, I’d make a record in my mobile phone, mark the different filming stages of each crop and their statuses. After I accumulate enough content, I’d edit them into a video at the last stage.

I once wanted to shoot a video about craftsmanship and that’s movable type printing, I had to spend about three months beforehand to learn the skill, and when I could finally edit the video and publish it, I’d probably spent about half a year already. I also remember having spent two years shooting the video about the four treasures of the study.

Q: Each time after shooting, what have you gained?

Liziqi: Shooting videos is something that I’m crazy with. Every time I finish shooting a video, I have a great sense of satisfaction. For example, when I was shooting the video about Kumis (Episode: 20191103 Mongolian dishes), everything about it had occupied my mind and it had also been in my to-do-list for a long time. Finally, I managed to finish it on the New Year’s Dayof the Qiang calendar, successfully fulfilling my wish.

“I truly hope that my videos can make people feel the relaxation and beauty of life.”

Q: With the huge attention at home and abroad about you, are there any influences and changes on the content and direction of your videos from now on?

Liziqi: No special adjustments will be made.Most of us now live in the city, and the majority of ususe and wear stuff that we get from stores. Fruits and vegetables are available in supermarkets throughout the whole year, and it is difficult to spot the seasonal changes in food.Also, there’re fewer old crafts in cities. It’s probably for these reasons that people are interested in my videos, since they get to know where their food comes from, and they can witness the heritage of old craftsmanship as well. People can sort of resonate a bit with the lifestyle of getting up early and resting early in the countryside.

People in the cities have a rapid life rhythm and work pressure. They tend to long for a more flexible and relaxed lifestyle. Therefore, they watch my videos to let their stress down and to feel the beauty of life. I don’t think the category of my videos matter that much, what’s more important is that it can somewhat soothe people’s mind or even comfort them temporarily.

Q: Do you have any further career plans from now on?

Liziqi: At present, there aren’t really special plans. I do have a long wish list on my mind, I want to shoot a lot of different content and do a lot of different things. I do hope to complete this list in the future.

A poem for Li ziqi, hoping that she’ll always be herself and stay strong.

随思 Letting thoughts flow
今朝毁誉不相问 I now disregard my reputation
流语沉浮当几何 What do words and rumors mean?
一笑十年尘土定 A smile settling down for ten years
是非自有后人说 Letting others continue with their words

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