Is the Li Ziqi phenomenon a strong cultural output?

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Is the Li Ziqi 李子柒 phenomenon a cultural output? Yes or Not?

To answer this question, let’s first think about this -“Why does Li Ziqi receive so much praise both in domestic and overseas markets?”

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The nature of human being is meant to be good. Everyone naturally likes to admire beautiful things. For every beautiful thing in the world, we all tend to enjoy them even in adversity; and we may even immerse ourselves in them completely.

A beautiful story, a beautiful environment, a beautiful person, a beautiful thing, and even a beautiful relationship…these have always been pursued by our society. One of the most eternal and important elements in the long history of human society and civilization is the pursuit of “beauty”.

It’s exactly “beauty” that’s reflected in Li Ziqi’s videos, isn’t it?

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When a good-looking, elegant little lady is dressed in classical clothing’s, this reflects the beauty of a person.
When a grandchild respects, honors her Grandmother, spends time with her, there is love in the family. This reflects the beauty of human relationship.

Magnificent natural landscapes, simple and delicate rural courtyards, the harmony of man-made and natural sceneries reflect the beauty of our environment.


Telling where our delectable dishes come from, and how ingredients become the delicious food on our plates is the beauty of a story.

Therefore, it is completely normal that people deeply admire Li Ziqi, as it’s just our instinct to pursuit beauty. Li Ziqi is a girl with treasures. She is unique and definitely one of a kind; when we’re continuously pursuing beauty, she happens to be one shining star that catches our attention, and this attention is extended to the limitless world.

Anyone who has watched Li Ziqi’s videos would certainly realize how perfectly capable this girl is.

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She knows how to do agricultural tasks, make delicious food, chopping wood and bamboo to make furniture, using brushes to write and paint, and she can even do embroidery. She’s certainly versatile, as she’s skilled in both brainy and brawny activities. Also, it’s very easy to tell in her videos whether she’s a newbie or truly familiarized with what she’s doing. If we compare her cooking skills with a famous chef, or her farming skills with an old peasant, even her embroidery skills with a true embroidery master, then we can say Li Ziqi is a skilled amateur, but not quite a professional yet. However, her videos act as a gateway to a kind of lifestyle that us people from the cities look forward to, and that’s what we call the “Village Dream”桃园梦. This dream represents beauty, and as this is exactly what we’ve been chasing along. This dream also proves what she had told us before, “what I wanted to show is merely the life that I’m looking forward to.”

Most of Li Ziqi’s videos also reflect an epitome of ordinary people’s lives in the era of the small peasant economy in the Chinese feudal society.

At that time, the development of the social economy and commodities was suppressed. In the underdeveloped pattern of commodity trade, people were forced to make various tools in life to make a living. Under this self-sufficient economic model, many necessities were handmade. This phenomenon in rural China is still preserved today.

Just like what Li Ziqi told us in her interview, “the daily skills in life in your eyes might just be the survival skills of the others.” The production of various tools and gourmet cooking that she has shown us are actually very ordinary habits of people in villages.

Now, let’s go back to our initial question – “is the Li Ziqi phenomenon a cultural output or not?”

Of course it is!
Our traditional Chinese culture stresses on how to make human relationships become better; this also means how to improve the relationship between men and the society, and with our nature. These different kinds of beauty are vividly and incisively shown in her videos. And that’s how she had conquered the hearts of millions of fans from all over the world.

The Chinese traditional civilization, culture and values are a huge treasure.

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They tell us how the relationships between men and the society, between men and the nature and even among humans themselves can shape a better future, and why this is just a small part in our civilization, culture and values.

Li Ziqi is using her videos to promote the Chinese traditional culture, civilization and values to people around the world. When there are supporters, it means that there is a cultural output, and it’s a very positive one.

Li Ziqi is a truly unique girl of treasures. Her videos bring us various amazing elements of the Chinese traditional culture, and we just have to taste them thoughtfully.

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  1. Dana says:

    I admire her strength, calm and love for animals, the environment and most of all the love for family. She reminds us of life suppose to be.

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