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Good News: Li Ziqi held a press conference a couple of days ago to show her new team members – One editor(herself), one assistant, two cameramen. She started to run her own business.

The post is composed of 3 parts:


Basic Background Information of Li ziqi

Li ziqi’s Dishes & Handicraft Works (Also background music of videos)

Important Events of Li ziqi & Li’s Online Store on Tmall

LI ZIQI – A Modern Chinese Fairy

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She is born in the 90s. She’s a girl who lived in the deep mountains of Sichuan (Szechwan), China. Unlike other online celebrities, although she’s famous on the Internet nowadays and always appears in beautiful clothes, Li ziqi was always wearing a modified version of Hanfu (a kind of Han Chinese traditional clothing) back then. She was using the most traditional method, the most traditional tools, but a unique perspective to present Chinese traditional dishes.

She is a “Wonder Woman” in the eyes of her fans, as she can achieve what normal people cannot. Once again, she has shown people the styles of the Han(202BC-220AD) and Tang Dynasty(618-907AD) and let them know more about what life in the countryside is like. She also enables people to experience the life in the countryside which contemporary Chinese people strive for.

For the people living in the cities, this would be like discovering the unknown and exploring an ideal way of life on the farm. People admire her, especially because she uses her own way to combine the elements of the ancient Chinese and the modern life, showing to her audience the traditional Chinese pastoral life and the process of Chinese food production. Her videos fully explain the Chinese people’s traditional concept of family, the Taoist thought of harmony between man and nature.

who is liziqi?

Who is Li ziqi?

Li Ziqi (Chinese: 李子柒)was born in the remote mountain village of northwestern Pingwu, Mianyang city, China. (Sorry, we can’t release much more personal information of her for protecting this beautiful girl.) She did not have a happy childhood like most of the children. When she was little, her parents got divorced and his father died early. Then, she started living with her grandparents. Their life was poor, but it was also relatively stable. Li Ziqi’s grandfather was a cook working in the countryside. When there was a ceremony going on, be it a wedding or a funeral, her grandfather would be in charge. In the videos, she showed how to cook various dishes, which she had learned from her grandfather. Besides cooking, she also learned how to make bamboo baskets, fishing, growing vegetables and doing carpenter work from her grandparents.

grow up

Li ziqi’s stories of growth

At the age of 14, when most of the kids of the same age went to middle school, Li Ziqi dropped out of school and tried to support herself by doing various jobs. She has not been treated well, nor was her fate particularly good at the initial stage of her life. She struggled much to survive – she starved, slept in a cave under a bridge, worked as a waitress, an electrician, sold Hanfu, and she even worked as a DJ at a nightclub. However, after working for 7 to 8 years, it became clearer to her what she really wanted. It also helped her develop the ability to think and judge independently. Also, with all these experiences, she has developed a sense of ‘danger’. No matter what happens, she must keep enough deposits in her bank account in case there is an emergency.

In 2012, her grandmother had a serious illness. Li Ziqi decided to give up everything and return to her hometown so that she could take care of her grandmother. The life at hometown was relaxing. She started work early in the morning and returned home late. Like other farmers who earned their living on the farm, she was living an ordinary life in the countryside.

Big Change. A vlogger? Or a food expert?

In the past few years, in addition to selling crops to make a living, Li Ziqi also opened an online shop in Taobao (Chinese “eBay/Amazon”) to sell some stuff. In 2015, the platforms of China’s short video began to develop, and Li Ziqi found out by chance that her brother was on the app “Meipai” (An App for short videos). Then, she also tried recording some short videos to upload to the app. Her initial idea of doing this was simple – to attract more fans to her Taobao shop through her videos and to grow her business. As a matter of fact, her first videos did not gain a lot of attention, and she even closed her online shop afterward. After a few short videos, she simply stopped making them. On her Taobao shop, only a link to a charity website was left. (Li Ziqi had always wanted to engage herself in charity work. She often participated in such activities, such as charity sales.)

Fragrance and food with antique flavors

At the end of 2015, after seeing how her brother won a great number of fans through singing and playing the guitar on Meipai, Li Ziqi gave it another thought. She started to consider thoroughly what she was going to put as videos, as she needed to invent ways to earn some other income. Being just an ordinary girl from the 90s who couldn’t really sing or dance, what kind of videos would make her stand out? What about teaching people how to cook? She could gather the ingredients at her backyard and farmland. It would be very convenient and healthy. It would also be a great idea to let the children who grew up in the cities know where their vegetables come from, and how they are transformed into various delicious meals. So, how are these traditional mouthwatering Chinese dishes cooked? Considering this, Li Ziqi named her series of videos #四季更替,适时而食Eat according to the change of season”. The editor of Meipai told her that the topic was not very attractive and suggested that she should think of another name. After thinking about it for one night, Li Ziqi came up with a brand-new name – #古香古食 Fragrance and food with antique flavors.” In the second half of year 2018, there was a new video series named – #朝花夕拾 “Life is a moment”. #春日厨房 “The spring kitchen” starts to be used in her new video on 22nd Feb, 2019.

At first, Li Ziqi’s videos on Meipai didn’t attract a lot of fans. She didn’t receive a lot of likes in a day. What happened later was that a few food experts started to pay attention to her videos, and soon started to forward them. Her number of fans then greatly increased. Also, with the help of the experts, she put her videos on Weibo (Chinese Twitter) in April 2016 which gained attention very quickly.

Rapid growth

In September 2016, ‘SINA Weibo’ began to publicly look for excellent short video producers as it was planning to use all resources to help these potential producers develop. ‘L couple’, the husband is a company CEO who is a business partner with SINA, discovered by chance the videos of Li Ziqi and felt that those videos could help them fulfill the “dreams of the countryside”, and these are the dreams of the contemporary Chinese people too. The videos also let more people understand Chinese traditions and culture.

In 2017, Li Ziqi became a new online celebrity in China, she has then been known as a food expert. In front of the camera, she always appears in a set of Chinese Han clothing’s made with rough fabric and showcases the traditional Chinese cuisine through a unique perspective.

Why did Li Ziqi’s videos gain so much attention in such a short time?

As Li Ziqi said in an interview, “I am shooting about my imaginary life in the future.” In an elegant traditional Hanfu, she appears in a place like Utopia, surrounded by a landscape with an old-fashioned attractiveness, all-natural ingredients, simple and practical cooking utensils, traditional yet retro cooking steps that fascinate her audience deeply. It helps to relax a lot of people who are living a busy urban life. Her videos with an ancient style are very eye-catching, just like being washed by a chilly wind. The word “traditional” describes her videos the best.

village garden

All by her own effort, Li Ziqi has explored a whole new area of short videos – making delicious meals in an ancient style. Watching her videos may make you feel like traveling in a time machine, as if a versatile beautiful lady from ancient China has come to the modern Internet world. Her videos have also made her audience dream of “Taoyuan Meng” (the dream of Utopia) as well.

Is there a team supporting Li Ziqi?

A three-people team(built on 18th May, 2017): Li Ziqi, A “part-time” photographer and a cute assistant (Her name: Ming Guo 民国) (born in 1997).

Why is it that the quality of her videos so high? And what is the brand and model of the camera?

The camera type: Canon 70D, F18-135 lens. Without inner anti-shake function. Half frame(APS-C).

The video was initially shot by Li Ziqi alone, and it was filmed and edited by her mobile phone-IPHONE 6 (Isn’t it hard to imagine? Yes, it was all done by one mobile phone). The video “Peach Blossom Wine” released on 25th March 2016 was also taken by her mobile phone. One can see that its quality was not very high. The video was a little blurry and unstable.

Lanzhou Ramen

After she bought her SLR (digital single lens reflex) and a tripod, the quality of her videos greatly improved, even though she still often had to finish the shooting process alone. Sometimes, when there were angles that even her tripod could not reach, she’d ask for help from the village head, her grandmother, relatives and neighbors. Even her video ‘Lanzhou Ramen” was edited on her phone, and due to the fact that there wasn’t enough storage, there were quite many crashes. On 13th May 2017, a short video was uploaded on Weibo explaining how she relied on a mobile phone, a SLR and a tripod to complete the whole shooting process.

The quality of her videos has never ceased to improve. At the beginning, she asked a few friends who were photographers for tips, so that she could learn further how to choose the background, do framing and editing. After experiencing the “stopping updating video event” on 13th May 2017, she gave procuration to a friend to introduce a professional cameraman to shoot the videos on a part-time basis, while insisting that the photographer needed to follow her own ideas and framing. After learning how to edit her videos, their quality began to rapidly increase.

How did she choose her background music?

Li Ziqi once worked as a DJ at a nightclub, and she knew a bit about music composition and adaptation. With the limitations of her mobile phone, her fans might find that the effect of the combination of her videos and background music was less than ideal. After 2017, since she had mastered the skill of editing, the quality of the background music went even higher.

Chinese Traditional makeup


Why does her makeup always look gorgeous?

Isn’t her makeup very professional as well? And pretty? Most of the time, she put on makeup herself, while her cousin sister sometimes helps. When you browse through her Weibo back in 2015, you will find out that she is a classical Chinese girl born in the 90s, from the way she dresses.

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Does Li Ziqi have a contracting company?

She currently has a contract with “WEINIAN” Technology, a startup company engaged in KOL (Key Opinion Leader). This company gives her space to grow and she now has more time to achieve more meaningful business.

The company that helps her to do commercial operation and product promotion. (WEINIAN is a large MCN “Multi-channel network” type company in China)

About that big Chinese rose wall.

Li ziqi took over a week and five tons of bamboo to build that big wall. She gave it a beautiful name: “Chinese Rose Wall 月季墙”.

Why is she called Li Ziqi

Why is she called Li Ziqi? And what does it mean?

There is a popular saying among the Chinese fans “there’s a girl Ziqi in the Li family. 李家有女,其名子柒” Also, fans specifically wrote this poem for her “if I were female, I would be Ziqi. 我若为女,愿为子柒。”

“柒” (Qi) is the traditional version of the simplified Chinese character of “七” (also Qi).Although on the surface, it represents the number 7 in Chinese, there’re still several other meanings behind.

In ancient China, there was a saying “Seven, the beginning of the four heavens and the earth.” and “Seven, the positive side of the Sun.” This being said, in Taoism, seven is the sum of the five elements and that of Yin and Yang. It’s the status of “harmony”, thus closely related to kindness and beauty.

“若与子有染,愿为子倾献。欲以子执念,倾以子其心。“Its meaning is “if I love you, I’m willing to give my everything. I’ll think about you every day and put you in my heart.” 子Zi means husband or man; 柒Qi means love or affection.

In modern Chinese, “柒Qi” has the same pronunciation as “妻”(meaning wife). And “子zi” could mean male or masculinity. Don’t forget that Li Ziqi likes her fans calling her “brother Qi” and her first online alias “Walking M-style”.

Whatever it means, “Ziqi” means the pursuit of a beautiful, romantic life. In reality, Qi is related to her nickname as well. If you speak the Sichuan dialect, you’d naturally find that the villagers inher videos usually call her “Qi baby” (柒娃), and her Grandma calls her Jiajia (佳佳). (Of course, you may wonder the origins of those names, but it’s related to privacy issues and we’re not going to dig into that. Hopefully you will understand.)

Interview with Sina Media in early July 2019

Do you like your current lifestyle?
“I like it when I am not filming. Filming and living are actually two different concepts.”

Netizens perceive you as having strong hands-on ability. Did you learn all these skills from your grandparents?
“Not entirely, I’d say partially. It’s only that when you live in such an environment, you naturally have to learn all sorts of skills. ‘The life skills in your eyes are just survival skills of the others’.“

Are you still editing your own videos? Why not let your photographer do it for you?
”I used to edit them on my own. But now I do it with my photographer. He organizes the materials and I edit the main part, change some colors and add subtitles to it.
You will never know what to retain or edit if you haven’t edited them yourself.“

Some netizens want to know more about your private life. Do you have any plans of looking for your Mr. Right and getting married?

”Not at the moment. Destiny is a mysterious and wonderful thing. We have no control over it, we just have to go with the flow.“

Someone said that you are from a rich family, is that true?

”In reality, it’s totally the opposite. Since I was in primary four, I had appeared in newspaper for more than once, but not for good reasons. As I was from a poor family, I could only finish my education thanks to many good people’s donations. As I’ve received and felt the goodwill of people, when I became famous, I decided to participate in more charity activities as well. The kind people were like the Sun who sent light to my life, and I’m sure those fortunate children, after receiving help, will vow to help other people too.“

Will you keep this Chinese style in your videos?
”It’s hard to say, as the future is uncertain. I just have to do my best for everything at the moment.“

Some people have said that the life shown in your videos do not reflect the real rural life, what do you think of this comment?

”You see, China has developed rapidly in many aspects, even in rural life. You have to think of your own ways to improve your living. My only purpose to create videos is to make people feel relaxed and happy.“

A short conversation with Li’s assistant(Min’Guo)

Do you have an online store selling Li’s products(like food or crafts) overseas?

No, we don’t have any plans to sell products overseas at the moment. But we are sure to open an online store in the future.

As we know, a lot of fake Li’s products have been on sale in China recently.

Yes, we issued a statement in August to take legal action against counterfeit products and to defend our rights.

(A flagship store of Li’s products on Tmall run by 杭州微念科技有限公司 Weinian: Li’s Store)

Does she also have her own company?

In May 2017, she registered her own company with the name “Li Ziqi”.

Does she also endorse any advertisement with contract?

There are very few advertisements in her videos currently, but she does not oppose the idea of endorsing them. The condition is that the advertisement has to be in line with her style, and that it can promote Chinese culture and be accepted by young people.

Is Li Ziqi’s the way of dressing up herself the same as she appears in her videos?


Li Ziqi is usually dressed as an ordinary young person living in the rural area, sometimes even more casual. Hardcore fans might find that in 2016 or 2017, not a lot of videos were uploaded for a few months. That is because of the busy farming seasons in Spring and in Autumn. Li Ziqi grows a lot of crops at home, such as popcorn, peanuts; they also need to feed the pigs and raise silkworm, which is the major source of income of her family. In 2018, Li Ziqi started to focus more on video production.

Fans: Ziqi, how do you care for your hair?

Li ziqi: I don’t wash it often!

How can Li Ziqi’s dressing style be so good-looking?

Starting from the beginning, Li Ziqi’s videos have a strong focus on being ‘traditonal’. The style of videos is all about a ‘traditonal style’ and ‘traditonal touch’. The way she dresses in the videos are also perfectly in line with this style. Li Ziqi had acquired some experience in selling the Chinese Han clothing’s in her early years, she knows about Hanfu very well. In her videos, she often appeared in an improved version of Hanfu. Her style was simple, minimalistic, yet matching well. Her clothing’s add a traditonal tone to the videos.

In the summertime:

Li Ziqi in a loose, dark blue top made with cotton and linen, light grey pants in cotton and linen and traditional clout-shoes.

For many times, Li Ziqi wore this set of clothes in front of the camera. Its loose design, breathable cotton and linen fabric looked simple and down-to-earth on her. She can handle carpenter work, work in the farm and cooking very well. It fully reveals the masculine side of her. All of her fans call her “Qi Ye” (Brother Qi).

In a video, Li Ziqi is sitting on a swing, wearing a green long-sleeved top and yarn skirt. She looks like a fairy inside the veil. White long top with Chinese frog and long skirt, it’s designed to accentuate the lady’s figure and to highlight the Chinese style. Li Ziqi in a long, bright red dress and holding ‘Taohua Zui’ (Peach Blossom Wine – a kind of Chinese wine), looking like a goddess.

Li Ziqi looks like a fairy in her white long dress. The wide lower hem adds an ancient touch to it.

A light blue shirt with Chinese frog. Normally speaking, a piece of clothing with Chinese frog(Chinese buttonhole loop)has a strong Chinese style.

cheongsam qipao by li ziqi

In the video of 24 May 2019, Li Ziqi appeared in a printed cheongsam (Qipao), a loose beige coat and a light blue headscarf, she’s just like a little female cook from the 1920s.(It’s the first time she wore this non-Hanfu dressings)

In the cold winter:

Li Ziqi in a red cloak and looks very feminine with the snow as a backdrop.

A grey cloak is extravagant in a low profile.

(We will write a new post about HANFU later, please stay tuned!)

rong ai knife banyan

The knife of Li Ziqi

The knife of ‘Brother Qi’ is of no way an ordinary one. It can be used for cutting, carpenter work and heating the furnace. It can be used for so many purposes that it can be seen as a magical tool.

This knife is called “chopper” in China. More accurately speaking, it is a combination of a chopper and a kitchen knife (Chinese cleaver). This kind of hand-forged knives is still widely seen in Chinese rural areas.

All over the world, only Chinese cooks have the possibility to use one single knife anywhere and for any occasion. In the culinary world, the level of a chef is shown by how well he practices his knife. Chinese kitchen knives are usually very versatile (meaning that they are served for multiple purposes) – they can cut, chop, mince and slice. One can say that Chinese kitchen knives are designed specifically for Chinese cuisine. (History of Chinese Cleaver)

In the “Spring and Autumn and Warring States of Period”(770-221BC), more than 2,800 years ago, China began to use ironware extensively. During the same period, the steelmaking technology appeared. The most common tool used by people – the kitchen knife, was then made with iron. Since the Song Dynasty(960-1279AD) which was 1,200 years ago, due to the development of iron-smelting technology, the development of cutting tools entered its heyday. Many irons were made into steel.

As China had always been an agrarian society for almost 4000 years, its productivity was not at a high level. To rapidly develop the iron-smelting technology, or to spread it extensively was not possible. For the society at that time, iron/steel was a precious material, many families thus could only afford one knife for different usages in the household.

Thousands of years of iron smelting history have contributed to a large number of highly skilled blacksmiths, who made full use of existing materials to create a variety of knives. Those knives were suitable for general use of the household. At that time, steel-clamping technology was widely applied in the making of Chinese kitchen knives. This technology saved the use of steel and fulfilled the user’s requirements regarding the hardness of the knife. It was both economical and practical, easy to grind, and thus very popular for families in general. (History of Chinese Sabre)

Much attention to detail is required when making Chinese kitchen knives, as their weight is a crucial factor in their performance of a lot of tasks. They have a long handle and a wide blade. The spine is thick and the grind is thin. The front of the blade is used for cutting and the back is used for chopping. Chinese kitchen knives have the right length and weight, they are therefore not only suitable for general household use, but also for rural people to chop wood. Although modern iron-smelting technology has highly developed, a lot of families still prefer using a chopper for this purpose. It is because of the Chinese people’s habit and the specialties of Chinese cuisine. It also represents a kind of cultural heritage.

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Why is the environment in which Li Ziqi lives so picturesque?

Sichuan province is known as the “Land of Heaven” in China. The land is fertile, and it is rich in resources. It has beautiful sceneries like those in Jiangnan(sceneries in the southern parts of China)and in the Northwest. It is located in Mianyang, the northwestern part of the Sichuan Basin, with Gansu in the north, and Sichuan Basin in the south. It has four distinct seasons and a wide variety of plants. Therefore, we can see both the mountains and lakes in the video, as well as the exotic scenery of Jiangnan.

What kind of fungi(mushrooms) has appeared in the videos of Li Ziqi?

Located in the northwest of the Sichuan Basin, there are snow-capped mountains, primitive deep forests, lake basins. The span is large and so the local fungi are abundant.

  1. Collybia albuminosa. The kind of mushroom is thick and fat and has a silky white texture. It contains amino acids, proteins, fats which are essential for the human body. It also contains various vitamins and substances, such as calcium,
    Collybia albuminosa
    Collybia albuminosa

    phosphorus, and riboflavin. There are multiple ways to eat collybia albuminosa – it can be used as a dish alone, or mixed with vegetables, fish and various kinds of seafood. It can be fried, pickled, stir-fried, mixed, braised, roasted, or cooked as soup. The taste is fresh and it’s the king of all kinds of mushroom.

  2. Matsutake is a rare and precious edible fungus. It is also known as the “king of mushroom”. It grows in alpine woodland with an altitude of over 3,500 meters in the cold temperate zone.

    In the Song Dynasty, Matsutake was mentioned in a book of the History of Herbs. The harvesting season of Matsutake falls from early August to mid-October. It has a special aroma and tastes like abalone. It is extremely smooth and refreshing.

  3. Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi): It has the effects of tonifying the qi and soothing the nerves, relieving cough and symptoms of asthma.
    Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi)
    Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi)

    It can have a life-prolonging effect. It can be cured for dizziness, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, neurasthenia and cough.

What kind of traditional Chinese cuisine and handicraft works has Li Ziqi done?

Her fans praise that her videos are like a ‘clear stream’ in the Chinese short video industry in 2017. Li Ziqi, with her hair often tied up as a bun and in her rough clothing’s, running around in her field and makes use of the harvested fruits, vegetables to transform them into various traditional Chinese dishes. No matter if it’s her dishes or handicraft works, she strongly emphasizes on ‘tradition’. Through her videos, she hopes to promote Chinese cuisine at an extraordinary angle.

*Number of fans on Weibo(SINA): about 15.3 million

*Fans on Facebook: about 1.7 million

*Number of subscribers on her YouTube channel: about 2.1 million

What are the materials of Li ziqi’s “wok kitchen”? And what size of the wok?

Wok material: cast iron
Diameter: 60cm
Cooking stove material: bricks(inner), concrete(outer).

The list of dishes and handicraft works made by Li ziqi

(Until January 2019, there are 120 videos uploaded on Weibo and 108 of them are focused on gastronomy.)

– 20160325 Peach Blossom Wine

– 20160411 Fresh & salted pork with bamboo shoot soup (music: 绿野仙踪 by 陈悦)

– 20160418 Steamed pagodatree flower (music:红尘客栈 by Jay Chow 周杰伦)

– 20160424 Cherry wine (music:美丽的神话 by 孙楠/韩红)

– 20160425 Mashed artemisia argyi (music:烟花易冷 by Jay Chow 周杰伦)

– 20160427 Pei Pa Koa (A kind of honey loquat flavored sore throat syrup)

(music: 初见 by 胡育林)

– 20160502 Weaving a basket using a palm leaf

– 20160510 Crucian carp soup (music:三寸天堂)

– 20160513 Fried ham with dandelion and dandelion congee (music:乱红 by 陈悦) (According to the Compendium of Materia Medica:dandelion can help detoxifying a human body and cure tuberculosis)

– 20160515 Canned loquat (music: 千年之恋 by 金莎)

– 20160519 Rose vinegar (edible Damask rose) (music:千古 by 阿兰)

– 20160604 Golden preserved egg (music: 绿野仙踪 by 陈悦)

– 20160620 Spicy and sour shredded potatoes

– 20160702 Raspberry Popsicle (music: 花间梦事 by 王俊雄)

– 20160704 Guanyin Tofu (Tofu made by leaf of privet-lide premna) (music: 绿野仙踪 by 陈悦)

– 20160706 Pumpkin Egg Tart (music: 雨碎江南 by 河图)

– 20160708 Honeysuckle Tea (music:青花瓷 by Jay Chow 周杰伦)

– 20160710 Green plum wine (music: 桃花渡 by 陈悦)

– 20160713 Watermelon multi-layered cake (music: 万物共鸣 by 巫娜)

– 20160724 Lotus tea (music: 我好像在哪见过你 by 薛之谦)

– 20160809 Fried thin paste (Proper fruit) (music: 七夕 by 银临)

– 20160814 Fried lotus (music: 秋华梦月 by 韩AMSEIS)

– 20160822 Jasmine sauce (music: 清明上河图 by 李玉刚)

– 20160829 Jinhua ham stir-fried with ‎collybia albuminosa (music: 岭头山色 by 巫娜)

– 20160901 Beggar’s chicken (music: 莲花 by 李玉刚)

– 20160905 Dongpo Pork (music: 阆中之恋 by 姚贝娜)

– 20160907 Ferrero chocolate in hazelnut flavor (music:惊鸿一面 by 黄龄/许嵩)

– 20160912 Traditional handmade Sichuan moon cake (music: The foggy dew by Bandari)

– 20160916 Osmanthus wine (music: 开悟 by 巫娜)

– 20160924 Shanxi sliced noodles (music: 千年风雅 by 周子雷)

– 20161003 Braised pork with kimchi in soya sauce (music: Always with me ‘いつも何度でも’ by 宗次郎)

– 20161007 Snakehead fish porridge (from the book of Divine Farmer’s Herb-Root Classic: black fish / Snakeheaded fish is a top-graded freshwater fish that has nourishing effect on pregnant women and the elderly) (music: 花间梦事 by 王俊雄)

– 20161009 Chongyang cake(“Double Ninth Festival” Cake) (music: 雨碎江南 by 河图)

– 20161017 Brown sugar ginger jujube cream (good for pregnant women and girls with cold hands and feet in winter. It also has a positive effect for people who have a habit of drinking.) (music: 一袖云)

– 20161024 Dai style hand-picked rice(A minority living Yunnan Province, China) (music: 绿野仙踪 by 陈悦)

– 20161030 Canned oranges (music:风筝误 by 刘珂矣)

-20161105 Honey grapefruit tea (music: Always with me (いつも何度でも) by 宗次郎)

– 20161114 Lanzhou Ramen (music: 花间梦事 by 王俊雄) (It took Li Ziqi three months to learn how to make the authentic Lanzhou Ramen. First, it already took her one month to learn how to knead dough. It is absolutely authentic in terms of the ingredients and the techniques used. The ramen made has the following five characteristics: clear (the soup), white (radish), red (chili oil), green (coriander and garlic), yellow (noodles). Even a master of Lanzhou Ramen was amazed at the authenticity of the Lanzhou Ramen she made. At this time, the number of Weibo fans had exceeded 300,000, and there were more than 10,000 comments, people who liked and shared the video)

– 20161124 Bamboo rice (music: The foggy dew by Bandari)

– 20161129 Rice candy (music:风筝误 by 刘珂矣)

– 20161208 Shepherd’s purse dumplings (shepherd’s purse, a kind of vegetable) (music:故乡的原风景 by 宗次郎)

– 20161220 Sichuan bacon (music:乱红 by 陈悦)

– 20170103 Sichuan salty ribs pot (Glutinous rice ribs steamed with ribs) (music: 我好像在哪见过你 by 薛之谦)

– 20170112 Sichuan traditional hot pot (music:红颜旧 by 刘涛)

– 20170122 Spicy and sour squirrel Fish (Squirrelfish: Yellow croaker /carp. This video utterly shows the beauty of the winter in the northwestern part of Sichuan) (music: 追梦人)

-20170126 Steamed Shrimp (A famous dish of family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve) (music: 卷珠帘)

– 20170207 Angelica and Pigeon Soup (music:远方 by 郁可唯)

– 20170215 Strawberry Wine (music: 山谷里飘来的风 by 王俊雄)

– 20170222 Traditional Sichuan Kimchi (music: 月あかりの砂のなかにby姬神)

– 20170314 Fried dough twist (music:江上清风游 by 变奏的梦想)

– 20170331 Green dumplings

– 20170409 Cherry Blossom Tea

– 20170417 Production of a swing (there is an accumulation of 93,000 shares, 10,500 comments, 441,000 likes, 110 million views. This marks also an incredible growth of Li Ziqi’s video on Weibo, it also let her fans know more about her magical tool – the most versatile knife of hers.)

– 20170427 Loquat Wine

– 20170508 Rose sauce (edible Damask rose)

– 20170523 Spicy crayfish

– 20170525 Raspberry Sauce

– 20170527 Clothes dyed from grape skin

– 20170610 Raspberry wine

– 20170622 Stir-fried wine-preserved fish

– 20170630 Making bean sprouts in a traditional way

– 20170708 Corn pone

– 20170714 Lotus wine

– 20170722 ‎Collybia albuminosa noodles

– 20170728 Sichuan broad bean paste (bean sauce is called “the soul of Sichuan cuisine”)

Boil one kilo of broad beans until they’re half-cooked, peel and put them into a utensil, spread them out for drying.

Cover them with yellow wattle leaves and dry them for five days to make them into mildew beans. Add liquor to mix with the mildew beans thoroughly to remove mildew.

Prepare fresh chili peppers (about 10 kilos), wash and dry them. Then, chop the chili peppers, put in the beans that have been mixed with liquor, salt (3 kilos), ginger (0.5 kilo), pepper (0.5 kilo) and mix all well. Seal it with double gauze, then let it dry under the sun for thirty days.

Turn the sauce jar once a day in the morning. The prepared bean paste sealed with hot rapeseed oil can be preserved for two years.

– 20170811 Grilled matsutake / Matsutake chicken soup / Matsutake wine

– 20170818 Canned yellow peach

– 20170826 Shortbread with purple sweet potato fillings(QIAOSU)

– 20170912 Chinese Traditional Rouge (in this video, Li Ziqi shows how to make rouge using the traditional practice. This video is very popular among her female fans, the number of shares and comments reached a new high. There is a comment which says, “now I know why Jia Baoyu in ‘Dream of Red Mansions’ liked to eat rouge, because the ancient Chinese rouge was made of various food ingredients.” It attracted 144,000 shares, 123,000 comments, 481,000 likes.)

Step 1. Ingredients: beehive, dried roselles,dried damask roses, dried groomwell roots or Arnebia(not necessary), olive oil, corn flour, and pearl powder. Cook the beehive in the warm water and let it melt down and cool down. Finally, filter it and beeswax comes up. The other ingredients should be soaked into olive oil for around ten days. Then get a kind of oil named’anthocyanins’. Put all beeswax and anthocyanins into a little bottle, and melt them down by warm water. Mix with corn flour and pearl powder—-Chinese Traditional Rouge/Makeup.
Step 2: Ingredients: damask rose leaves, white wine. Add white wine and mash all leaves, and squeeze all juice into a pot. Use small fire to stew it—Chinese Traditional Lip Papers/Lipsticks
Step 3:Ingredients: coffee powder, indigo naturalis powder(not necessary), bamboo charcoal powder, beeswax, and olive oil. Warm up and melt down beeswax and olive oil, and then put all ingredients into the pot—Chinese Traditional Eyebrow Cream

– 20170923 Spicy shredded dried beef

– 20171002 Su-styled mooncake with meat fillings

– 20171013 Taro rice

– 20171020 E Jiao paste (E jiao: donkey-hide gelatin)

– 20171028 Brine Tofu

– 20171118 Manual papermaking (this is one of the Four Great Inventions in ancient China)

– 20171202 Firewood cooked chicken

– 20171216 Handmade clout-shoes

– 20171223 Jujube cake

– 20180113 Steamed cured meat

– 20180123 Laba porridge (There is a famous Chinese kids’ song on this. Back in the ancient times, children looked forward to having Laba porridge, as it would mean that the Chinese New Year was coming soon.)

– 20180126 Sweet & Sour Kimchi stirred fry with dry pork

– 20180210 Bread kiln (This video has contributed to the peak for Li Ziqi in 2018, proving what they say, ‘Brother Qi is a “Wonder Woman” who can do anything.’ Again, her magical tool-that knife, fascinated her fans. Through a vivid way, she told people the production process of a home earth kiln and how to cook with it. It brought about12.6 million shares, 131,000 comments, 727, 000 likes, 190 million views.) (Music:Fate/Stay Night 騎士王の誇り by 川井憲次)

– 20180214 Steamed Abalone with Fake Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw (Li Ziqi emphasized that she had used artificial shark fins in this video.)

– 20180215 New Year’s Eve dinner

– 20180316 Traditional slow-cooked shad codfish

– 20180331 Peach Blossom Cake, Peach Blossom Tea, Peach Blossom Sauce (Li Ziqi emphasized that pregnant ladies should have them sparingly.)

– 20180413 Making a washbasin using a 100-year-old door plank

– 20180427 Acanthopanax with fried bacon

– 20180504 Pea jelly

Pea jelly is a cold dish in Sichuan.

Seasonings: Chopped green onion; Parsley; Ginger; Garlic; Dried red pepper

(The above ingredients need to be chopped. I personally like to sprinkle fried peanuts on top as well.)

Vinegar; soy sauce; MSG (chicken powder is recommended)

Put these seasoning on top, then pour a layer of hot oil to make the pea jelly.

Making Process:

First, you need dried peas to make pea powder. If there is no stone mill, you can use a blender to make the pea flour. The ratio of pea flour to water is 1:5, stir the mixture while you put the powder into it (Of course, you can also put the dried peas and water into the blender to make pea pulp.

Then, add a little water to the pea slurry and dilute it.) Pour the diluted pea pulp into the non-woven cloth to filter out the bean dregs and soy milk. This process needs to be repeated several times to filter out more bean dregs to make smoother pea powder. Precipitate the  soy milk for half an hour.

Pour out the excess water, leave about a quarter of the water and the precipitated soy flour, stir well, put in the pot, and simmer in medium and small heat. Stirring is required during the decoction, or there will be a burnt pea casserole at the bottom.

Then, wait for it to become like paste (the paste that toddlers eat), then you can turn off the fire, remove it from the container and leave it to be cooled.

At last, you can cut it into your favorite shape.  

There is another one with sweet flavor. You can use boiled water and brown sugar to make brown sugar water. All the seasonings listed above would not be used. Just pour the ready-made, thick brown sugar water to make sweet pea jelly.

– 20180516 Dried cherries, cherry sauce, cherry wine

– 20180527 Damask rose sauce, wine, cake

– 20180616 Cowpea kimchi, Cowpea with slow-cooked pig’s foot

– 20180701 Passionfruit lemon curd, dried passion fruit tea, fried black potatoes, passion fruit lemon chicken feet, brown sugar taro (passion fruit is a tropical / subtropical fruit, after careful cultivation by Li Ziqi for a whole year, in 2018, she finally saw the results.)

– 20180713 Braised Beef Brisket with Tomato

– 20180727 Chicken with slow-cooked rice, Guanyin Tofu, Wild Mushroom Chicken Soup (Collybia albuminosa)

– 20180808 Chinese Secret Sauce

– 20180810 Changbai Mountain Ginseng Honey Sauce

– 20180812 Fu tea (A kind of special tea made for hot summer days)

– 20180814 Chinese red-cooked lamb legs

This dish comes from Huzhou 湖州 on the edge of Tai lake and belongs to the Zhejiang cuisine.

(In general, the first step is to boil a wok of water to remove the blood of the lamb. But Li ziqi did not do that.)


  1. Dried beancurd sticks and Dried black fungus should be soaked in freshwater for 4 hours in advance.
  2. There are two ways to get rid of the smell of lamb. Before cooking, using cooking wine and fresh ginger juice to marinate it for 1 hour. Or just use ginger juice to marinate it, if you are not able to use any kind of wine.(This secret method is from a lamb kebabs vender. A bulk of ginger juice is the key.)
  3. Cooking steps: boiling oil melts down rock sugar; put all lamb into the wok and wait its color turn into dark brown; put all ingredients into the wok, and fry them over medium heat for 5 minutes, then low heat for 1 hour; Last, turn into high heat until all liquids are reduced and absorbed.


Fresh lamb 1000g

Fresh red peppers

Mature ginger

Tender ginger


Star anises

Purple skin garlic / garlic

Dried tangerine peels

Dried beancurd sticks 腐竹

Fennel seeds

Dried black fungus

Bay leaves

Fructus Amomi Rotundus / Amomum cardamomum / Bai Dou Kou白豆蔻

Seasonings: Cooking oil / Rock sugar / Dark soy sauce / Light soy sauce / Fine salt / Cooking wine

– 20180818 Movable-type printing (this is one of the Four Great Inventions in China. Li Ziqi spent more than three months learning this ancient craft that has been lost for more than a thousand years.)

– 20180907 Autumn pear paste

-20180922 Nan Bamboo Sofa (Nan Bamboo is mainly grown in subtropical/tropical areas of China, it has the characteristics of moisture absorption and heat reduction, it can also withstand grinding and corrosion, and is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture.)

– 20181006 Dried persimmon

– 20181016 Silk quilt, silk clothing’s (It almost took Li Ziqi half a year to shoot this video. The whole process went from planting mulberry trees, raising silkworms, collecting mulberry leaves, to drying silkworm cocoons, boiling silkworm cocoons, silk reeling (making silk pockets), drying silk pockets, pulling silk net, setting the inner parts, positioning, then finishing with the quilt cover. In the part of ‘pulling silk net’, several people who had never appeared in her previous videos, did this time. They were the head of the village, her relatives and neighbors.)

– 20181018 Beef sauce

– 20181107 Steamed Chinese Mitten Crab & Wine Preserved Crabs

– 20181110 Traditionally boiled red sugar with sugarcane

1.Prepare an approximate proportion of sugar cane, sugar cane juice and brown sugar – out of 20 kilograms of sugar cane, obtain about 10 kilograms of sugar cane juice, and this amount of sugar cane juice can probably produce about 1 kilogram of brown sugar. (Attention: the sugar cane used to extract brown sugar is different from the sugar cane sold in the market. The sugar cane mentioned here is smaller, with a harder texture, and contains more sugar.)

2.Remove the leaves from the sugar cane and start juicing, use a cloth of fine gauze to remove impurities. Use a big fire to boil the sucrose water and remove the floating bubbles on top. It is best to prepare two to three pots – use a big fire for the first pot, medium fire for the second and small fire for the third (a small fire is essential here to cook slowly). In fact, for the “traditionally boiled brown sugar”, a total of 18 pots are needed. The first one generally requires the biggest fire, and you’ll need to use a smaller fire consecutively for the pots that follow. The water in the sucrose water is evaporated continuously from the first pot to the last one, while the concentration and viscosity of the sugar are also increasing. In the process, apply a big fire to get big bubbles, then a small fire to get small bubbles gradually. In the 18 pots of cane juice, they appear in different levels of amber colors.

3.When all the sucrose water is in the third pot, it is essential to keep stirring to prevent the sucrose from being burnt (this process would take about one hour). There is a way to judge the viscosity of brown sugar- take a spoonful of brown sugar and drip it into the pot, see whether it appears as “stacked” (imagine when you’re making chocolate). At this time, the sucrose water is called red syrup. Then, use a large container to hold the red syrup, and stir it constantly to mix the air with the syrup. Stir it until you see a lot of air bubbles in it. This syrup will become grainy after drying (this step is especially critical). Finally, put the syrup into a module and it will harden while being cooled.

– 20181125 Hot and Sour Noodles(made by sweet potato) 

Making process:

1. Shred the sweet potatoes or slice them into thin portions, then keep simmering them in the water.

2. Put the crushed sweet potato inside a cloth of fine gauze to obtain the sweet potato starch. Leave it for a few hours to allow the sweet potato starch to settle.

3. Remove the sweet potato starch and add a proper amount of water to stir. Filter again with a cloth fine gauze to obtain a more delicate sweet potato starch liquid. At this time, there is crude red potato dregs in the gauze, now add minced pork, eggs, chopped green onion, salt, soy sauce, edible oil, etc., they can be made into sweet potato meat. Leave a portion of the sweet potato starch liquid in the container and place in a cool place for one night to allow sufficient precipitation. Then, put a portion of sweet potato starch liquid into the pot. First, use a big fire, then a small fire, continue to stir with chopsticks, wait until it becomes transparent, turn off the fire and put it in a container to be cooled. Buckle the cooled sweet potato pulp on the cutting board and cut it into strips of the size of the index finger. Add ginger, minced garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, pepper oil, chili oil, cooked white sesame and mix all thoroughly, then you’ll get sweet potato jelly. 

4. Remove some of the precipitated sweet potato pulp, put it into a cloth of fine gauze, and let it dry for a day or two in a cool place (the length of time needed for drying depends on the local climate). Take out the dried sweet potato starch and filter it with a sieve. Add warm water into the starch and continuously stir it to form a paste. Finally, press it down with your hand and check if the starch paste can bounce back. Boil a pot of hot water, place the starch paste on a net, hang it on the pot, put the starch paste into the pot and boil it into a transparent form. Remove the starch, put in cold water and get the fine sweet potato noodles. Place it in a cool place to dry and harden. Then, your fine sweet potato noodles is made.(Ingredients: Pea shoots, fried soybeans, fried peanuts, spicy dried turnip strips,dried beancurd sticks(soak into the water until soft), dried seaweeds (cooked before use), marinade(light soy sauce instead), mature vinegar, and red chili oil.)

– 20181221 Hand-made plant-dyed cloak with lamb wool (Here is the post how to make a cloak by Li ziqi)

– 20181229 Mutton Slices Cooked in a brass hot pot (The post how to prepare a brass hot pot by Li ziqi)

– 20190107 Pork Bones Stewed with Soy Source (Ingredients uploaded on the post)

– 20190118 Homemade Sichuan Preserved Meat Dishes

(Flavorings: dried cloves, white peppers / black peppers, dried sand gingers, dried Sichuan peppers, bay leaves, dried star aniseeds, cinnamon, fine salt;

Process: 1.)mash all flavorings, adding warm soy source. 2.)optimal proportion of meat and fine salt: meat 100g / find salt 3g. 3.)the curing time: 3 days. 4.)the smoking time: 3-5 hours. 5.)the smoking materials: cypress branches & leaves+ pomelo peels. 6.)the drying time:15 days. 7.)Soak into warm water to make preserved meat soften before cooking.) 

– 20190130 Chinese traditional Snacks for the Chinese New Year

Chinese sugar-coated fruit;

Spicy beef jerky;

Dried mango;

Peanut sesame brittle;

Roasted chestnuts;


Salty sunflower seeds;

Fried peanuts;

Crispy fried egg rolls :egg liquid 50g, milk 120g, plain flour 100g, honey, granulated sugar 50g, corn oil/unsalted butter 50g

Snowflake crisps: non-stick pan(important), marshmallow 200g, milk powder 130g, cranberry, chestnuts, cookies, dried strawberries, corn oil/unsalted butter 40g. The ratio of marshmallow, milk powder and butter is so important. The crisp will not be so hard or too soft, but chewy at the right ratio.

– 20190204 Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner

1.诸事顺利Pieces come together(凉菜:冻猪皮cold dish: jelly pig skin). 诸zhū(all the things )sounds like 猪zhū(piggy) in Chinese

2.大吉大利 Good luck (荷叶糯米栗子鸡 roasted lotus leaves wrapping chicken stuffed with chestnuts and sticky rice ) 吉jí(lucky)sounds like 鸡jī(chicken), and 利lì(wealth)sounds like 栗lì(chestnut)in Chinese.

3.花好月圆 Blooming flowers and full moon (猪肉馅饼 Pork pies)

4.福气满满 Full blessing (蒸菜:福袋Steamed dish:Steamed vegetables in shape of blissful bag)coloring material: dragon fruit Juice

5.金银满仓 A wealthy life (小吃:炸土豆丝+椒盐+瓜子 Snack:spiced salt ‘French fries’ with sunflower seeds)

6.笑口常开 Joy forever. (藕夹肉 deep-fried lotus roots served with pork) The shape of the lotus roots looks like ‘big mouth laughing’

7.年年有余 Surplus year after year (凉菜:凉拌鲫鱼,鲫鱼汤 cold dish: cold crucian carp in Sichuan spicy saucy, crucian carp soup)余yú (abundance) sounds like 鱼yú(fish)in Chinese.

8.只属于你 Only for you (甜品:紫薯芋泥 dessert: mashed purple sweet potato)只属zhǐ shǔ(only belongs)sounds like 紫薯 zǐ shǔ in Chinese.

9.生财有道Creating wealth(素菜:生菜+松子 vegetable dishes: stir-fried iceberg lettuce served with pine nuts)生菜 shēng cài (iceberg lettuce) sounds like 生财 shēng cái(earning money).

10.阖家团圆 Family reunion(腊肉拼盘,All kind of Sichuan preserved meats made dish)阖 in Chinese means: all family members.

– 20190222 Preserved Szechuan Pickles + Peanut porridge + Plum Blossom Puffs(Recipes on this post)

– 20190301 Old duck soup (old duck stewed with pickles)

1. fresh old duck meats boiled with fresh water and cooking wine

2. prepare another pot, put old duck meats, green onions, ginger and pickles into the pot, medium/small fire to stew for 2 hours.

3. strawberries drink (strawberries + Champagne/Sparkling wine)

– 20190309 Peach gum syrup 桃花泪 (Ingredients: peach gums/peach resins 桃胶 Táo Jiāo, white wood ears/ tremella 银耳, dried red dates 红枣, goji berries 枸杞, dried strawberries 草莓干, rock sugar 冰糖)

– 20190325 the Four Treasures of the Study: writing brushes, inksticks, paper, inkstone 

1.The making of ink 墨的制作

Use a stoneware bowl, fill it with Tung oil 桐油, make it into a Tung oil lamp to roast soot. Then, add water and stir, this step is called “ash washing”. Put in a cool place for one night so that the ash can precipitate. Remove the ash and put it in a cool place and let it dry for one year. Prepare an appropriate amount of borneol 冰片, gold foil, musk 麝香, pearl powder, oxhide gelatin 牛皮胶 and bovine bone glue 牛骨胶. Add the oxhide gelatin and bovine bone glue into the container and steam them into the form of glue, this is called “boiling glue”. Then, add borneol, gold foil, musk and the pearl powder into the container and grind them into powder form. Then, the mixture is thoroughly stirred with the dried ash, and the melted glue is added, stirred and tapped thoroughly, and placed in a mold for molding. The resulting long ink strips are placed in a cool place for six months to dry. Finally, refine the surface carefully and put on a coat of wax so that it becomes smooth and long-lasting.

2.The making of brushes 毛笔的制作

First, cut the slender, long black bamboo/Munro 紫竹(black bamboo is slender, tough and hard to break) into different segments. Bundle and place them in a cool place to dry before use. Take some fine hair from the neck of a sheep and the same from a rabbit’s neck, and put it in lime water to soak for one day. By removing impurities and soke, make the hair into the shape of the tip of a pen. Knot it and dry before use. Empty the segments of bamboo and apply glue in the inner walls, place the cooled pen tips inside. Put glue (glutinous rice pulp) onto the tips, gently stroke it and make it into shape (brushes made of wool is tough and soft, mainly used for painting. Those made of rabbit hair is soft and smooth, they can be used to practice calligraphy.)

3.The making of rough paper 粗纸制作

Take some bark from a paper mulberry tree 构树 and dry it, soak it in cold water for half a month. Stir it with grass ash and water and cook for about ten hours. Then, take out mixture to shred and chop, before putting it into a mold and wash it in a pool with clear water repeatedly. Then, dry it with fire to obtain the rough paper.

4.The making of an inkstone 砚的制作

Carve the Duanzhow inkstones 端砚石 (Duanzhow inkstones are found in ancient Duanzhou 端州, which is nowadays’ Zhaoqing City肇庆, Guangdong Province. The inkstones are found in the pits of Duanxi. Duanzhow inkstones originated during the years of Wude, during the Tang Dynasty. They have more than 1300 years of history. The texture of these inkstones are soft, moist; its ink is not stagnant,  and it only gets dried up after three days. It is called the first of the four main inkstones in China). The part where the ink is made (the part where you rub/grind the inkstone to make ink out of it) needs to be polished by fine sand to make the surface grainy. This in turn makes it easier to produce ink. Finally, apply wax on the inkstone.

– 20190405 Magnolia vegetarian spring rolls + magnolia paste + magnolia crisps + deep-fried magnolias + magnolia omelet + magnolia tea (辛夷花/木兰花, magnolia also called: Mulan flower. That is why Li ziqi rides a horse with a long red cloak at the beginning of the video. Hua Mulan was a famous female general in Chinese History.)

– 20190412 Potherbs: Three Meals A Day

鹿耳韭(Allium ovalifolium)

玉竹 (scented Solomon’s seal)

野韭菜 (wild Chinese leeks)

蒿葱子 (Wild green onions)

折耳根 (fish mints)

艾草 (warmwoods)

蕨菜 (fiddleheads)

紫背天葵 (edible gynura)

刺龙包 (Chinese angelica-tree sprouts)

鸭脚板儿 (Ranunculus sieboldii)

Breakfast: warmwoods green dumplings, A.O stuffed steamed rice rolls, Solomon’s seal & toufu soup

Lunch: Cold dish(edible gynura and dried toufu), Preserved chicken with fiddleheads, Chinese angelica-tree sprouts stir-fried with preserved meats, fried Ranunculus sieboldii, fish mints eggs soup, wild Chinese leeks pan cakes

Supper: noodles serves with wild green onions and eggs

– 20190421 Visiting Bird’s Nest(Swallows) in Malaysia

– 20190422 Home-made salted duck eggs + Duck egg dishes (1. egg yolk sauce—materials:cooked duck eggs yolk+chopped sea moss+ cooked sesame seeds+black pepper+hot cooking oil; 2. duck egg white scrambled with rose petals; 3. rice with egg yolk sauce; 4. fried chicken wings with egg yolk sauce; 5. fried diced potatoes with egg yolk sauce; 6. Dandelion leaves and mature vinegar soup)

– 20190501 Home-made all kinds of flower hydrolats

1. Magnolia hydrolats

2. Chinese peony hydrolats

3. Mixed hydrolats(Damask roses, grapefruit flowers, blue lotuses, cat’s foot / centella, rosemaries, mints, and wormwoods )

– 20190510 Bamboo shoots feast

Shredded chicken mixed with spicy bamboo shoots (cold dish)

Shao-mai stuffed with diced meat and fresh bamboo shoots

Sichuan pickles fried with bamboo shoots

Making pickled bamboo shoots

Green Sichuan pepper mixed with shredded bamboo shoots (cold dish)

Dried bamboo shoots stewed with black-bone chicken

Dried bamboo shoots fried with Sichuan preserved meat

Steamed buns stuffed with dried bamboo shoots and pork

– 20190514 Dragon Boat Festival Specials

1.Hanging moxa grass

2.Sprinkling the realgar wine

3.Wearing five color hand straps

4.Eating glutinous rice dumplings(Zongzi)

(Glutinous rice should be soaked in fresh water for 12 hours to get the best taste; salty and sweet glutinous rice dumplings need to be cooked separately; glutinous rice dumplings should be cooked for 6 to 8 hours)

Salty glutinous rice dumplings:

Glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with salted duck egg yolks and pork belly

pork belly, dark soy source, soy source, rock sugar powder and white wine; salted duck egg yolks and white wine

(Glutinous rice will be much more delicious with some soy sauce)

Glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with dried preserved vegetables and pork belly

Glutinous rice + dried preserved vegetables + a little soy sauce

(dried preserved vegetables should be soaked in warm water for 40 minutes; cold water for 2 hours; hot water for 15 minutes)

Sweet glutinous rice dumplings:

Glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with rose paste, sweet fat pork and rice bean paste

Rose paste: Damask roses + rock sugar + fresh water

Sweet fat pork: fat pork + sugar powder

Rice bean paste: cook and filter to make the paste

Glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with rice beans and candied dates

Rice beans + candied dates

(rice beans should be soaked into fresh water for over 8 hours)

– 20190524 Green plums feast

Salted green plums (About half a year of the curing time)

Green plum wine(About one year of the fermentation time)

Green plum dew (About three months of the curing time)

Crisp green plums

Green plum tea (green plum dew + cucumber slices + mint leaves)

Cold dish: cucumber slices

Pork belly braised with salted green plums

Perch stewed with salted green plums

20190608 In this video, Li’s team appears on camera.(Li ziqi, cute assistant and cameraman)

1.Tomato boiled noodles with dough drop and assorted vegetable soup base;  2.Steam buns with fresh pork and bean; 3.Maimai Wine(Mama’s wine); 4.Home-made wheat beer / ale. 5.Beer braised crayfishes

– 20190615 Home-grown shiitake mushrooms + A Shiitake feast 

1.Shiitake sauce(朵朵 means: one by one)

2.Leftover rice stewed with shiitake and Sichuan sausage

3.Dumplings stuffed with pork and shiitake

4.Savory vegetarian soup (canola, shiitake and tomatoes)

-20190623 Jams

1.Apricot jam; 2.Peach jam; 3.Wild strawberry jam; 4.Raspberry jam; 5.Tomato jam; 6.Blueberry jam; 7.Mini pineapple jam; 8.Toast

– 20190629 Ice cream + Two dishes

1. Rose & cherry ice cream; 2. Mulberry & loquat ice cream; 3. Strawberry & green tea ice cream; 4. White peach & raspberry ice cream; 5. Pineapple & wild strawberry ice cream; 6. Durian ice cream; 7. Fresh green tea fried with egg; 8. Green tea salad(cold dish)

-20190711 Lotus Feast

1. Pickled pepper and lotus sprout; 2.Stire-fried lotus sprout; 3.Lotus spring rolls; 4.Beggar’s chicken; 5.Lotus leaves Sui Mai; 6.Lotus and white tea; 7.Lotus paste with osmanthus flowers and nuts; 8. Deep-fried lotus petals.

-20190726 Tomato Feast

1.Tomato and plum sauce salad; 2.Tomato sauce; 3.Tomato and spareribs soup pot; 4.Shredded chicken salad;  5.Vanilla tomato oil;  6.Peanuts milk; 7.Vegetable salad with vanilla tomato oil; 8.Toast

-20190805 Pumpkin Feast

1.Fried pumpkin with salted duck egg yolk; 2.Pumpkin stew with rice; 3.Steamed pumpkin; 4.Pumpkin soup; 5.Pumpkin custard; 6.Pumpkin buns; 7.Boiled peanuts.

-20190806 Bamboo shoots & Rice Noodles

1.River Snail Rice Noodles / Luo Si Fen 螺蛳粉 ; 2.Sichuan bacon fried with bamboo shoots; 3.Cowpeas stir-fried with red pepper

-20190809 Sichuan embrotheridery

-20190822 1.Canned yellow peaches; 2.Yellow peach jam; 3.Poached egg in fermented glutinous black rice soup; 4.Dried yellow peaches; 5.Plum juice with yellow peach sticky rice balls; 6.Pork ribs roasted with vanilla and yellow peaches

-20190906 1.Corn cake; 2.Corn chips; 3.Corn dough with spicy sauce; 4.Steam corn bread with diced Sichuan preserved meat; 5.Corn juicy; 6.Corn wine; 7.Roasted corn

-20190914 The Life of Rice

1.Bazi meat(a famous dish in Shandong cuisine ); 2.Cold dish: shredded radish with spicy source; 3. Rice soup; 4. Rice cakes; 5.Rice crust

-20190930 Household Gadgets / Small Pieces

-20191012 Chestnut Season

1. Brown sugar chestnut paste

2. Huurai budaa stewed with pumkin and rice (Huurai budaa 炒米 is a kind of millet糜子/黍, Huurai budaa is originated from Mongolian cuisine. Millet is one of Five Cereals in Ancient China-rice, two kinds of millet, wheat and beans)

3. Chestnut and black-bone chicken soup

4. Acorn jelly

5. Chestnut cup cakes

6. Roasted chestnuts

-20191020 Chili pepper dishes

1. Tieguanyin chili sauce

2. Chili fish head

3. Epiphyllum soup(It reminds me of a dish my grandmother made for me when I was a kid-Epiphyllum egg soup 昙花蛋汤)

4. Steamed little taros (One delicious dish called “fried little taros”煎小芋头. My grandmother made this dish out of the sauce’s leftover from the braised pork ribs in Mid-autumn festival feast.)

5. Shredded peppers with century eggs (a famous cold dish of the Hunan cuisine)

6. Red oil flour doug

– 20191103 Mongolian dishes

1. Roast Whole Lamb (Seasonings: Red chili powder; Sichuan pepper corn powder; cumin powder; salt; onions; green onions; ginger; soy sauce; cooking wine, fermented glutinous rice)

2. Kumis

3. Sheep bone soup (sheep bones and turnips)

4. shepherd’s purse and lamb dumplings (Ingredients: shepherd’s purse; shredded lamb; onions; shredded fried eggs; soy sauce; salt; ginger; green onions)


– 20191108 Home-cooked Breakfast

1. Purple sweet potato rice cakes

2. Scrambled egg with shepherd’s purse

3. Purple sweet potato with soybean milk

– 20191110 Sichuan Hotpot

1. Lunch: Spicy shredded chicken; Shepherd ‘s purse dumplings(Chicken and pig bones soup base) (There are many ways to cook dumplings in China. Common cooking methods: boiled dumplings with soup base; steamed dumplings with secret sauce; pan-fried dumplings etc)

2. Dinner:

Egg dumplings(a famous Hakka dish);

Magnolia berry juice;

Sichuan Hotpot(Two-flavor hotpot) :

Seasonings for spicy part: beef tallow/butter; garlic; ginger; Amomum tsao-ko;

nutmeg; fennel; anise; green & red Sichuan peppers; bay leaf; cinnamon; dried peppers;cloves; onions; green onions; cilantro; thick broad bean paste; rock sugar; fermented soya beans; fermented glutinous rice; fine salt

Seasonings for non-spicy part: Chicken and pig bones soup base; Chinese red dates; green onions

Ingredients: Crispy meat(酥肉); OX-Many-Plies(omasum) ; lamb slices; duck intestines; potato slices; pea shoots; Chinese cabbage; mustard stems; radish slices; shepherd’s purse; broccoli; lettuce; 

Fruits: kumquats; persimmons; 

(OX-Many-Plies & duck intestines are a must in Sichuan spicy hotpot)

– 20191123 Ginger

1. Sour pig’s knuckles (A famous Canton dish, it is particularly popular with women. )

2. Ginger rice tea

3. Duck braised with tender ginger

4. Kumquat & ginger sauce

5. Brown sugar ginger paste

-20191202 Handmade Soy Sauce


1. Boild Choy Sum (A famous Cantonese dish);

2. Kiln roast chicken (A famous Canton Hakka’s dish);

3. Steamed rice with red-cooked shredded pork;

4. Cucumber preserved with soy sauce

-20200101 Guizhou black sand pot BBQ

                  Jinyun pancakes

                  Chicken soup

The video ends with a song(name: 消愁 by singer 毛不易) that Li ziqi plays a guitar and sings. After almost one month of silence, she was back. Stay Strong, Li ziqi.

-20200107 Clay pot rice with Sichuan spicy sausages 

                   Pork liver steamed with salted egg yolk

                   Pig tripe with chicken (A typical Hakka dish猪肚包鸡)

-20200120 The life of cotton

Fluffing cotton actually refers to fluffing cotton batting and cotton mattresses. After removing the seed in the cotton, we need to use a bow to fluff it. For cotton quilt and cotton coat, this step is included in the processing method. In the past, if there’s cotton as a dowry, it was probably newly fluffed cotton. Most of the families also fluffed old cotton and reprocessed it.

Cotton fluffing tools include large wooden bows with tendons as strings, wooden clogs, shovel heads, grinding plates, etc. When fluffing the cotton, workers use their wooden clogs to frequently hit the bow, loosening the cotton on the plate. Then, the two sides of the cotton batting are woven into a net shape by two people to get fixed. After the gauze is ready, it is ground with a wooden plate to be made flat, tough and firm. According to folk customs, they generally use white yarn. However, the cotton used for dowry must contain red and green yarn to indicate good fortune. When fluffing old cotton, the old yarn on the surface must be removed first. Then, it’s rolled into a bundle, held with both hands on the shovel head full of nail heads, torn loose and fluffed with a bow.

When I was a child, as soon as it was in early Autumn, many people from other provinces started carrying large cotton-fluffing tools and yelled along the streets “fluff your quit, renovate your quilt, make a new quilt.” In order to have a fluffy and warm quit for the winter, many families took out their old quilt for renovation. During the Chinese New Year or celebration of a new marriage, people might buy a whole new quilt as well.

The small shops of quilt-fluffing had become extremely dynamic from dawn to dusk. The price of renovating a quilt varied from 5 to 8 yuan, and that to buy a new one varied from 40 to 80 yuan. I used to stand aside and watch whenever I passed a quilt-fluffing shop after school, and I’d watch the workers holding their bow skillfully picking old cotton, making these “deng deng” sound with rhythm. After a lot of effort, a blackish/brownish quilt would be transformed into a pure and white quilt. I even picked the cotton fibre fell on the ground to make a warm nest for my quail at home.

[row_inner_3 style=”collapse”] [col_inner_3 span__sm=”12″] [row_inner_4 style=”collapse”] [col_inner_4 span__sm=”12″]

-20200320 The Life of blue and white printed calico part1  part2 (Wikipedia: Nantong blue calico). It took Li ziqi almost a year to film this video. There are four traditional ways to dye this type of calico, and she finally chose Batik to complete the fabric.

-20200401 Flower dishes

                    Cherry bozai cakes(Chinese cakes)
                    Peony rice rolls
                    Deep-fried magnolia
                    Purple sweet potato and sweetrocket flower cakes
                    Chinese yam and peach blossom balls
                    Pear flower egg rolls

– 20200413 Garlic dishes

                  Pickled sweet garlic
                  Shredded pork with garlic sauce(A famous Sichuan dish 蒜泥白肉, it’s gonna take good knife work to cut very thin slices of pork.)
                 Garlic marinated chicken feet
                 Braised pork in brown sauce, garlic flavor
                 Fish mint in garlic sauce (A famous Sichuan cold dish. A lot of people can’t stand its special smell.)

-20200427 The life of peas

                  Fried peas with minced meat

                  Stir-fried flat beans

                  Salty fried peas

                  Steamed pea flour cake with rose jam

                  Stir-fried pea shoots

                  Trotter noodle with soup and peas

                  Bean jelly

                  Little Cherries


-20200519 The life of Wheat

                  麦芽糖 Malt sugar
                  画糖人 Sugar-coated figurine
                  手扯麦芽麻糖 Hand-made sesame malt candy
                  香酥小麻花 Crunchy fried dough twists
                  凉皮 Cold noodles
                  手擀面 Hand-made noodles
                  烤面筋 Baked gluten
                  肉夹馍(红烧肉馅)Chinese hamburgers (pork stuffing)
                  猪肉包子 Meat buns

-20200603 The life of Potato

                   Deep Fried Potato Cakes 香煎土豆饼

                   Salty baked small potatoes 盐烤小土豆

                   Mashed potatoes 土豆泥

                   Spiced crayfishes 五香小龙虾

                   Braised pork ribs with potatoes 土豆焖排骨

                   Fried shredded potatoes 辣炒土豆丝

                   Backed chips 烤薯片

                   Hot and sour noodles 砂锅土豆粉

                  Shrimp dumplings(crayfishes) 蒸虾饺

                  Herbal tea花茶(jasmine茉莉花,Haw flakes山楂片)

                  Downy peaches 毛桃

                  Nectarines 油桃

                  Green plums青李子

20200619 The Life of Rapeseed Oil

                  Bobo’s Chicken 钵钵鸡 (A famous dish in Leshan, Sichuan. Bo 钵, is a kind of bowl like pottery.)

                  Egg-Yolk Puff (duck’s egg, ) 蛋黄酥

                  Raised Bamboo Shoot 油焖笋

                  Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Cake红糖糍粑

                  Guanyin Bean Jelly观音凉粉

                  Loach Soup with Sichuan Pickles酸菜泥鳅汤

                  Lotus leaf Rice (glutinous rice, a famous dish in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.)荷叶糯米饭

– 20200625 Zongzi wrapped in shells of bamboo shoots 笋叶包粽

                   Salty Zongzi 肉粽子(Pork and mung beans)

                   Sweet Zongzi 碱水粽子 (Brown sugar syrup, refined sugar or honey)

                   Spicy hot pot 麻辣烫 Ma La Tang (Hakka egg dumplings, quail eggs, and vegetables)

                   Do you like sweet zongzi or salty zongzi?

– 20200709 The Life of Tomato

                   Tomato Paste番茄酱 
                   Dark Plum and Tomato Sauce 梅汁番茄
                   Tomato Hotpot 番茄火锅  (Because of a famous hotpot restaurant, tomato soup-based hotpot has become popular in recent years.)

[/col_inner_4] [/row_inner_4]

-20200720 The Life of Cucumbers

                           酱黄瓜 Pickled cucumber with soy sauce

                           鸡枞菌油 Collybia Albuminosa oil

                           黄瓜皮炒腊肉 Fried bacon with cucumber peels

                           鸡丝凉面(Soba noodels荞麦面)Cold noodles with chicken shreds

                           鸡枞菌黄瓜炒饭 Fried rice with Collybia Albuminosa and cucumber 

                           酱瓜鸡肉卷饼 Pickled cucumber and chicken rolls

                           黄瓜皮肉丸子汤 Cucumber shred and meatball soup

– 20200807 The Life of Okra and Bamboo Fence

                          凉拌秋葵 Cold dish : Okra in sauce

                          秋葵拌土豆泥 Okra and mashed potato in sauce

                          秋葵肉卷(五花肉)Okra meat rolls (Pork)

                          秋葵虾仁滑蛋 Fried shrimp with okra and egg

                          秋葵虾仁面 Okra and shrimp noodles

                          花鱼汤 Fish soup

                          烤秋葵 Baked okra

                          秋葵茶 Okra tea

[/col_inner_3] [/row_inner_3]

– 20200828 The life of roses 玫瑰花的一生

    1. 玫瑰花茶 Rose tea
    2. 玫瑰花露 Rose dew
    3. 红糖玫瑰酱 Brown sugar & rose sauce
    4. 玫瑰糖浆 Rose syrup
    5. 玫瑰牛轧糖 Rose nougat
    6. 玫瑰花糯米藕 Lotus root filled with glutinous rice and roses
    7. 玫瑰花饼 Roasted rose cakes
    8. 玫瑰花米酒 Rose wine
    9. 玫瑰酒酿汤圆 Rose wine boiled with glue pudding

-20200914 The life of watermelons and grapes

                  1.凉拌西瓜皮 Watermelon winds in sauce

                  2.锅贴Pot stickers

                  3.瓜皮猪蹄冻 Trotter jelly

                  4.卤花生 Salty peanuts

                  5.卤肉拼盘 Pot-stewed meat plate

                  6.家酿葡萄酒 Home-made wine

                  7.烤面包 Toast

-20201010 The Life of Pumpkins, Purple rice and Peanuts

  1. 紫米酒 Purple rice wine
  2. 紫米板栗蒸排骨 Steamed spare ribs with chestnut and purple rice
  3. 紫米糍粑 Purple rice cake
  4. 炝南瓜苗 Fried pumpkin sprouts
  5. 鸡蛋炒南瓜丝 Scrambled egg with pumpkin sprouts
  6. 卤花生毛豆 Salty peanut and peas
  7. 紫米松糕月饼 Purple rice moon cakes
  8. 苋菜鱼头汤 Amaranth and fish head soup
  9. 紫米酒酿熏鱼 Purple rice wine steamed with grass carp
  10. 烤南瓜 Baked pumpkin

-20201108芋头的一生 The Life of Taro

  1. 糟辣椒 Fermented chili
  2. 糟辣酱 Fermented chili sauce(杏鲍菇king trumpet mushroom,豆干dried tofu,木耳wood ear,姜蒜ginger and garlic,番茄丁diced tomato,芝麻sesame,花生碎crushed peanuts和糟辣椒fermented chili)
  3. 咸蛋黄煮芋头 Salted duck egg yolk
  4. 红糖芋头鸡蛋 Brown sugar boiled eggs and small taros
  5. 芋儿鸡 Chicken stewed with small taros
  6. 炝炒麦菜 Stir fried leafy vegetables
  7. 烤毛芋儿 Baked small taros
  8. 芋头薯片 Baked taro and potato chips

-20201209 Red Persimmons 红柿子

  1. 柿子醋 Red persimmons vinegar
  2. 柿子饼 Dried persimmons
  3. 卤猪小肠(冷盘)Salty small intestine
  4. 柿饼夹核桃 Dried persimmons and walnuts
  5. 石板烤Grilled food on slate
  6. 鲫鱼汤 Crucian carp soup

Important events of Li ziqi

– 2012 – She went back to her hometown to take care of her grandmother

– 2015 – First try on shooting a short video

– 2016 – At the beginning of the year, she first used the logo that says ‘Walking M-style’, then she used ‘Li Ziqi’ as her logo.

– In March 2016, she bought her own tripod and SLR.

– In April 2016, she began uploading short videos on Weibo.

– In September 2016, with the help of the ‘L Couple’, her videos had a chance of being promoted with supports from Weibo.

– On 13th May 2017, she announced that she would stop updating her Weibo. That is because some audience were attacking her online and accusing her for having a professional team to back her up.

At this time, her grandmother had also heard about the rumor and she was worried about the safety of Li Ziqi. One time when her grandmother was working, she accidentally cut and hurt her finger as she couldn’t concentrate. In turn, Li Ziqi published a long article and announced that she was going to pause the update of her videos.

– On 13th May 2017, a special video was put online, showing her audience how to finish the whole video shooting and editing process with a tripod and a SLR.

– On 18th May 2017, she announced that she would hire a part-time photographer. One can see that after June, the quality of her videos dramatically increased. However, Li Ziqi still decided on the video content and angle.

– In May 2017, Li Ziqi registered her own company “Li Ziqi”. It’s a company with two people – herself and her photographer.

– On 17 June 2017, she was selected as one of Ten ‘culinary celebrities’ at ‘Festival of Super Celebrities’.

– She was selected as one of the top ten influential bloggers on Weibo in the ‘Summit of Influence in Gastronomy’.

– 4th August 2017, she was awarded as the best actress in the second edition of the ‘THE BEST MOMENT’.

– In 2017, she was rated the first on the leaderboard of Miaopai power of influence

– In 2017, she was awarded the best culinary short video in the third edition of ‘THE BEST MOMENT’.

– In 2017, she had the most popular playlist on Weibo.

– On 28th February 2017, due to much disturbance from the outside, Li Ziqi moved away from her home and it has been rented to her relatives. It was because two other popular vloggers on the Internet secretly installed monitors and an interceptor at Li Ziqi’s home and had since monitored her action remotely. Even the police were involved in this incident.

– In 2018, she was awarded the YouTube Silver Award.

– In January 2019, she was awarded as the best actress in the forth edition of the ‘THE BEST MOMENT’.

– On  6th March 2019. Official Announcement from Li ziqi Youtube Channel, declaring the only official Channel on the Youtube.

– On 3rd August 2019. Li is awarded with the “Biggest Fans” and the “Most Marketable Vlogger” of 2019 Sina Weibo Superstar.

– On 25th August 2019. Li ziqi’s company issued a statement to take legal action against counterfeit products and to defend Li’s rights.

– On 17th October 2019. Li ziqi took part in the “7th International Festival of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.Chengdu” as a guest. And She met some fans after the opening ceremony.

– On 1st November 2019. Li ziqi’s first “Pop-up Shop” opens from November 1st to 30th. The store mainly displays handicrafts and food.

– On 2nd November 2019. Li ziqi attended the events- “the 40th Anniversary in China” of the World Food Programme.

Social Network:

(All her SNS platforms are being run by a ‘third party’ agency which she autherizes.)



Youtube Channel

Li ziqi’s Store in China

(Also serves overseas customers)

Li Store


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      Most of Li’s dishes are Szechwan cuisine. Find some real Szechwan restaurants in local areas, you may get those typical dishes. As I know only a few dishes which Li ziqi made are from other cuisines. Like, 松鼠鱼Squirrelfish from Jiangsu cuisine, 把子肉interest meat from Shandong cuisine, 大酱骨Pork bones stewed with soy source from Northeast cuisine, and 铜火锅涮羊肉Mutton slices cooked in a brass hot pot from Beijing hotpot.

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      Please try to find them in the Chinese supermarket, Chinatown? Or you can ask some people who are in the fields of Chinese traditional medicine or acupuncture for further information about those utensils.

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        • R.A Knife says:

          Hi, Amy.

          Thanks for your comments, and your strong desires in Chinese food. Could you kindly advise which video of Li ziqi made such noodle? Please give us the name or link of it. We will try to translate its recipes and making process into English.

          • Amy says:

            I have tried multiple times to send the links, and my message does not go through. I will copy and paste the name instead . Hello! Thanks so much! I really appreciate your offer. Here are the links:

            Sweet potato noodles (I think there was a sweet potato pancake on here as well): The sweetness of roast sweet potato and the spiciness of spicy and sour noodles

            Brown sugar: Providing warmth in the winter, quietly hidden in the bubbles of old brown sugar

            Here are some other ones as well that I found fascinating if you have the time in the future to maybe translate or find on her site.
            DIY Chinese Cosmetics: 用鲜花给自己做了套胭脂,原来古代的胭脂眉黛膏是这样做出来的
            Snacks for Spring Festival: Peanut and melon seeds, dried meat, dried fruit, snowflake cake – snacks for Spring Festival

            Thanks again so much! I really appreciate your help. I look forwards to trying these out.

          • R.A Knife says:

            Hi, Amy.

            For the Chinese New Year Snack. Please scroll up this post to find ‘20190130’. I’ve listed all recipes there, as I made them before.

            As for the brown sugar episode, I think you might want to know the dish in the last part of the vid, right? This dish called 醪糟鸡蛋/酒酿蛋 Poached Egg in Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup. 醪槽/甜酒:fermented glutinous rice wine, which you can find in Chinese supermarket or Amazon.

            For the spicy and sour noodles. I think you would like to know the ingredients of the bowls at the end of the vid, right? Ingredients: Pea shoots, fried soybeans, fried peanuts, spicy dried turnip strips,dried beancurd sticks(soak into the water until soft),dired seaweeds (cooked before use), marinade(light soy sauce instead), mature vinegar, and red chili oil.

            For the Chinese makeup/rouge. Please check out the episode ‘20170912’
            Step 1. Ingredients: beehive, dried roselles,dried damask roses, dried groomwell roots or Arnebia(not necessary), olive oil, corn flour, and pearl powder. Cook the beehive in the warm water and let it melt down and cool down. Finally, filter it and beeswax comes up. The other ingredients should be soaked into olive oil for around ten days. Then get a kind of oil named’anthocyanins’. Put all beeswax and anthocyanins into a little bottle, and melt them down by warm water. Mix with corn flour and pearl powder—-Chinese Traditional Rouge/Makeup.
            Step 2: Ingredients: damask rose leaves, white wine. Add white wine and mash all leaves, and squeeze all juice into a pot. Use small fire to stew it—Chinese Traditional Lip Papers/Lipsticks
            Step 3:Ingredients: coffee powder, indigo naturalis powder(not necessary), bamboo charcoal powder, beeswax, and olive oil. Warm up and melt down beeswax and olive oil, and then put all ingredients into the pot—Chinese Traditional Eyebrow Cream

          • Amy says:


            Sorry for replying out of order, but I could not find a reply button to your recent comment. Thanks so much for all the information and recipes! I really appreciate them, and I look forwards to trying them. However, on the sweet potato noodles, I was actually looking for the process of making the actual noodles from soaking the grated sweet potatoes to drying them. I was wondering if she had that process available or not? In the episode, she also made some sweet potato pancakes that I would love to have the recipe for if possible. It is the same with the brown sugar episode; I was wanting to know if she gave instructions from cutting the sugar cane down to letting it form into blocks. Sorry if I was not more clear about the process and recipe I was looking for. I will checkout all the ones you recommended below though. I hope she did leave details about making the actual sweet potato noodles and brown sugar even if it is not laid out in a recipe format. Any information she has besides her videos would be helpful if she could relay them to me? Thanks so much!

          • R.A Knife says:

            Hi, Amy.

            Ok. I will check and try to translate the whole process of making these noodles. But please give me some times, coz I am a little bit busy recently.

          • Amy says:

            Thank you, of course! Please take your time. Yes, the process of the sweet potato noodles as well as translating the process of making the brown sugar from sugar cane to setting them into blocks if you can! Both processes if you can! Thanks so much! I look forwards to hearing from you.

          • Amy says:


            Just kindly following up on my request for the process of making the sweet potato starch noodles and the process of making brown sugar from the sugarcane to the blocks.

            If possible, I would love the sweet potato pancake recipe found midway in the same video as the sweet potato starch noodles.

            Thanks so much! I really appreciate your time and dedication posting all this information for us.

          • R.A Knife says:

            Hi Amy,

            Please check out ‘20181125 spicy and sour noodles’. The whole process has been listed.

          • Amy says:

            Thanks so much! I am eternally grateful for your post on the sweet potato starch noodles. I am in the process of hopefully extracting my own really soon. Any chance that the process for the red sugar from sugarcane (20181110) will be posted soon? I am looking forwards to it! Thanks again for your patience and time in updating us about the videos and recipes!

          • R.A Knife says:

            Hi Amy,

            Ok, you can check out video”20181110″ right now. Haha, Kentucky has many sugarcane fields, right? It is harvest time!!

          • R.A Knife says:

            BTW, Amy.

            One question. What do you call these two kinds of sugarcane? One type is thin, hard in texture and much sweeter, but only for producing sugar, another is a type of fruit, fat, juicy and crunchy. Here in China, we give them different names.

      • Amy says:

        Thanks for your questions and providing information. I am not exactly sure what type of sugar cane we have locally. I will need to research the sugar cane better. It is not a commonly grown crop; Kentucky grows some sorghum, but it is a not a priority crop for us. Most sugarcane is grown further south to us where it is much warmer. We grow mostly corn and soybeans in Kentucky. Although, sugarcane can be grown here if we wanted to. My father, grandmother, uncles and I love to experiment and trying out the old ways of processing and making things; we thought it might be a nice project to try out. We were just curious of the method to make hard sugar from sugarcane as most recipes we find only get to the syrup stage and never show us how to make block (rock) sugar. We are extremely interested. Thanks for your time, and we will gladly use the video as a guide.

        • R.A Knife says:

          Ah, ok.

          The most important step we have listed up there-“stir it constantly to mix the air with the syrup. Stir it until you see a lot of air bubbles in it. This syrup will become grainy after drying.”

  10. Rachel Lee says:

    Thanks so much for such a great detail info about Li Ziqi. I have been a great fan of her. I can read Chinese, so I can read some info about her in her Weibo. But my elder sister and many of my Chinese friends don’t read Chinese, your article is of great help for them to know more about Li Ziqi.
    I hope you will post more info about her in English, so that I can share it to those who can’t read Chinese. (My English is not good enough for such a tough translation for my sister and friends. And I am from Malaysia)

  11. Debbie says:

    When you said that Li Ziqi had moved away from her home, February of 2018, does that mean she doesn’t live there now, and just visits to make the videos?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Debbie,

      She does live in the same village, but not in the old house. We can’t release more information about the address. You might know that she was disturbed by other vloggers before.

    • Reema says:

      Hi R.A KNIFE.. Thank you so much for collecting these much information about Li Ziqi.. I was very much wondered how this li’l girl is doing all these crafts alone… She is a wonder woman & I’m very much inspired of her. It just like what I have always wished to do.,to live in such a beautiful house & place. It Feels so fresh and peaceful while watching her video. One more question is there any way so that I can convey my regards directly to her.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Nikki.

      As far as we know, all SNS platforms out of China is run by the third party. We confirmed twice, the third party runs her FACEBOOK & Youtube accounts in Enligsh version. The other accounts have not been verified. Please be noticed those guys who created some faked accounts by doing something illegal.

  12. Rachel says:

    she is really a “wonder woman” bcas she faces many struggle at her younger age but it’s her strength, such a brave lady, hats off to her. She shows how the ancient Chinese people are do their cultures, foods and etc., as well, I’m also feel relaxed while watching her videos, She needs to achieve more & more, I pray for her and her granny to God bless them and be with them.
    And I have some questions, what happened to her grandfather?, Is she married?, What is her age?(bcas she looks too young)& what about her studies?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hello, Rachel.

      Thanks for your comments. But your questions are so deep to privacy, how about we just take her as a normal Chinese girl, and enjoy her videos?

      • Constantin B. says:

        How about not. Now it’s two against just one.
        We want to know the age and marital status of Liziqui and it’s nothing wrong with that.
        You’re probably nobody to Liziqui so stop acting like your her ambassador before all men cuz’ any time she can upload a video and let us know, ruining your power games.
        We men want women like Liziqui, and if she is available, I for one would try to learn Chinese, raise money to travel to China, buy land near her village, and meet her grandmother to ask for her daughter’s hand. I am a legitimate MAN and know how to behave myself with women of proper upbringing.
        It’s either that or kill NATO and feminists like you so we can raise our daughters to be just like Liziqui. I’m from Romania when I say this, a NATO “ally”. And I used my real name, cuz’ I am a righteous man.

        • Laurentiu says:

          I’m also Romanian, and although I am also curious as to those bits about here what you are demanding, and the way you are is downright disgusting. By the way you sound I doubt you could ever make it to China, let alone learn Chinese enough to even ask her out. As someone who has lived in Japan I can tell you that Asian people in general are very different from the pigsty-grown average Romanian who if he doesn’t lack in education then he most likely lacks in virtue.
          Kill NATO? Are you dumb? You and what army, you pretentious philistine? Back to your cart and tent you dirty gypsy, stay away from honest people, disgusting, sad virgin that you are.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Alex.

      Thanks for your comments. Perhaps, you did not read all of this post yet. You can find her channel’s link at the bottom of the post. Please just scroll up a little bit.

  13. Jaclyn says:

    Hello RAKnife,
    Thank you for the write up. She’s brought so much peace to us harried urbanites. May I ask if all the complicated projects that Li ziqi does is all through her own hands? For example, the episode of the bamboo sofa. Did she build the sofa from start to finish? (This has been a point of contention by my bf who doesn’t believe that she is capable of creating from scratch. He says that such skills can only manifest after years and years of accumulated experience. I secretly disagree with him but need confirmation)

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Jaclyn.

      Thanks for your comments. That is true. Coz some Chinese people also had the same doubts after she launched this bamboo sofa making vid. But later, she wrote a long post on the Weibo explaining the whole process of how to make that sofa. You might find her hands’skin is very rough, not like other girls’. Also, you might find her left hand’s thumbnail is black, coz she got hurt during making this sofa. I remembered that she spent almost two weeks to shoot this vid, but she said if she did not need to make this vid, she could finish it in a couple of hours. You can check the vid link above ‘20180922’. I did not have permission for those pictures, so I can’t show you more details.

      If you had a carpenter around you, please show two vids to him, one is ‘making a swing 20170417’, another is ‘making a bamboo sofa 20180922’. He will tell you if Li knows some about carpentry.

      She built a bamboo fence for the little yard, you may see it in later vids. Also, she built a little house at the corner of the yard for her cute little assistant. A few days ago, She used her first bucket of ‘gold’ to rent 200 acres of bamboo. You may see more vids of bamboo stuff later.

      She might have more commercial content in the future. But we accept the concept of which she shows us in the vids, the traditional Chinese life.

      • Carolyn Le says:

        I thought I saw a video of her building a little house and then a bed-frame to put inside. Is there a video of that? I can’t find it on her youtube channel!

        • R.A Knife says:

          Hi Carolyn.

          Please scroll up and check “episode:20180922 Nan Bamboo Sofa & episode:20170417 Production of a swing”?

  14. hope says:

    Hi great and thorough article. Quite, quite amazing. well done.
    Just so you know, she was never a DJ, she worked for a resturant/cafe that was called DJ per her interview somewhere on line i found. Someone might send this great article to her and have to make sure all is correct. … smile

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi. Thanks for your comments.

      She learned how to be a disc jockey since 2006. And from 2007 to 2013, she was a real DJ at a night club. Also during this period, she was a resident singer at a club. Sometimes, she did a little ‘freelance’ work at other clubs. But after she came back to his old house living with her grandma, she hardly ever accepted this kind of jobs.

      She told us some about her past experience on the SINA Weibo after that ‘stop event’ happened on 13th May 2017, of course, including how to choose and edit the background music and clips. She mentioned that part at that long post.

      Also, if you can read Chinese, please check out a show which she cooked a traditional dish 上方鸡枞(Jinhua ham stir-fried with ‎collybia albuminosa)on HAINAN Satellite TV Channel 海南卫视. She talked about DJ’thing on that show.

    • Edna Armstrong says:

      I saw in another article that her mother and father divorced and her father remarried and her stepmother was very very ugly in treatment of her. So when her dad died she left and took out on her own. When her grandmother became ill she went back to take care of her grandmother.

  15. Hope says:

    hmmm, just posted a comment about her being a DJ, and it is gone. She worked for a resturant/cafe called DJ, she was not a DJ, per an interview article.

  16. Daniel R Fretto says:

    Thanks for the great article, very informative. It never ceases to amaze me where people mentally go and to what dark depths they’ll stoop to discredit people more successful than them. The crazy stalking by rival vloggers, insane. I swung a hammer for many years professionally and still take on side jobs for friends and absolutely love the sofa vid. I say it’s totally legit. She even says she made lots of mistakes whilst learning.

  17. Robert says:


    I live in Portland Oregon USA on an acrage property where the climate is simalar to that in Sichuan and these videos have inspired me to grow many things and try to cook delicious dishes as well. Can you tell me what kinds of fruits and vegetables and herbs she grows on the farm?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Robert.

      Hahaha, wow, that is gonna be a huge project for me to list all the vegetables and plants right here. As she told us on the SINA Weibo before, she would plant some vegetables or fruits according to the change of season. How about you give me a vid of her which you like so much, I will tell you what plants she grew in the yard?

    • LP says:

      Portland Oregon is not that similar to Sichuan imo, because it is more mild near the ocean, and Sichuan is a zone 9 allowing semi tropical plants like citrus and passionfruit while portland is a zone 8. Although there are lots of wild mushrooms in both places. Keep in mind that her grandfather tended the farm and it has been improving for decades.

      Some things I’ve seen her grow (or her neighbors growing) that you can definitely do in your area:

      Edible heirloom roses, long radishes, garlic chives, chinese cabbage and red cabbage, many types of peppers and tomatoes in raised beds, lettuce, green onion/bunching onion, mint, peas, soybeans (homemade tofu episode is my personal fave so far!), ginger, peaches, corn, potatoes, persimmons, fiddleheads, the list goes on..

  18. Francisco says:

    Linda Princesa… acho Lindo o teu trabalho os pratos que você prepara e as paizagem cada qual mais Bela que a outra . Cada video seu que eu assisto eu viajo no tempo até você…

  19. Julie C. says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information about Li Zi Qi. My friend in Canada and I (both Singaporeans) love her videos and are supportive of her efforts. My friend sends me videos all the time and I am going to share your article with her. Her videos help us relax as we view the picteresque scenes and fascinating ways she makes things with traditional methods. I wish to know more about Li Zi Qi, and I wish I could buy the things she makes (at affordable prices). I wish her all the best. Once again, thank you very much for helping me know more about this incredible woman – Brother Qi!
    Julie from California

  20. Greg Kubat says:

    Is she planning to open a market to sell goods again? Huge fan and would love to support her efforts in the future. Also, how is her grandmother doing?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Greg.

      She got an online store on Taobao to sell some little stuff which is run by a third-party. Her grandma is healthy and happy.

  21. Suzanne Messenger says:

    I absolutely love her and all her videos. She is a great blessing to all who watch these and she’s just getting started

  22. Jaelyn Cortiza says:

    Hi, I also really enjoy the music in the videos. Can you name a few of the artists and the song titles? Or Lin ZiQi creates the music herself?

  23. Latricia Hill says:

    I started watching your videos while recovering from my 17th surgery. You truly are amazing to me. My biggest dream is to visit your beautiful country and one day meet you. May Heaven continue to bless you.

  24. Ni Komang Novi Kariani says:

    I am Novi from Bali, Indonesia.
    I am very impressed for what Liziqi doing. Thank you for sharing great article and her life. It’s remind me how to life in the village.


  25. Zu Jang says:

    Hi, I just bumped into her video a few days ago and surprisingly, I like her video a lot. Watching her video is a therapy session for me and I ‘collect’ all my moods from her videos when I want to cook. Thanks to her therapeutic videos because since then, now I enjoy cooking in my little kitchen. Even doing chopping isn’t a tough job now. Really inspired me.

    But, may I know what is the ingredients she used in making the broad bean paste as shown in the video 20170728? Could you tell me the process too?

  26. Wayne says:

    Recently found her videos and as someone who has been on the earth more than 7 decades I have never been more at peace. She is truly a spirit from ancient times. If you in fact communicate with her thank her for her soul.

  27. Fadzreeq Mokti says:

    I was surprised when I watch “The Four Jewel of Scholars in China” that she was so dedicated to finished all 4 instruments and even got invitation of one of Malaysian royal family! (I assume it was from the Perak state royal family, the branch family) anf she presented them the four jewels of scholar of China! And I was wondering how she may access Youtube in China. I thought Youtube is banned in China?

  28. Vanessa says:

    Hello. I just found Li Ziqi’s videos on youtube recently. I loved the cinematography and background music. It is so calming and beautiful. May I ask you, how to know the ingredients she used? I watched the egg yolk mayo sauce and Yambian Korean Kimchi. She explained the main ingredients, but doesnt explain the other and the time of steps. How to find the rest of ingredient she used and time for every steps (the big steps of course)?

  29. Rachel says:

    I have watching Li Ziqi’s videos for awhile now. My family and I love watching her make the Chinese Secret Sauce (20180808); my sister and I would love to learn how to make it. Does she have a recipe and list of ingredients we can use? We could not identify the 4 (5?) different peppers or chilis she used! Also, what is the bread wrap (or look alike tortilla) she eats at the end of the episode with the sauce?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Rachel.

      Thanks for your comments. We will check that vid on 20180808 / 20170508, and try to give you its recipe later, please wait for a few days.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Rachel.

      Here is a list of ingredients.

      Dried red pepper (chopped)
      Dried walnut kernels (chopped)
      Chopped peanuts (dried and grinded)
      Pepper (grinded into powder)
      Rock sugar (grinded into powder)
      King trumpet mushroom (diced)
      White sesame
      Soybean oil
      soy sauce

      Heat the soybean oil and pour it into the dried red pepper to make chili oil.
      Deep-fry the King trumpet mushroom, fry the dried walnut kernels and the garlic.
      Pour the remaining hot oil into the bowl with pepper powder.
      Heat a pot of hot oil, pour in the soy sauce and stir well.
      Then pour in the chili oil, the chopped peanuts, the fried diced King trumpet mushroom, rock sugar powder, white sesame and stir well before serving.

  30. Rachel says:

    In addition, my grandmother has also kindly requested, “if it would not be too much trouble,” that she would like the details and recipe for the edible damask rose sauce (20170508).

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, this video has English subtitles, please check and follow it. I think it is not so difficult to make this rose sauce.

  31. mariven says:

    hi, i didn’t notice that my 8-year old daughter has been watching your videos recently, i am working mom.. and don’t have time checking her activities at home.. she loves watching her.. even me, Li ZiQi’s channel caught my attention, really!! Even my husband, he’d been dreaming living such a place like that, he’s good cook also and he was inspired watching her videos. My whole family never stop watching her videos again and again.. it was so relaxing and peaceful. It makes me so relieved after a hard days work.. I hope you could update me more of her new videos. Thank you. Hugs and kisses from the Philippines..

  32. Donald Saked says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful article. I too hope that she is protected and that she be able to live her life at peace.

  33. TJ says:

    Hello! I am so happy to see this page of yours. I’ve been following Li Ziqi and have recommended for my friends and family to watch her too. She has an amazing and inspiring talent. What she was doing, harvesting and cooking is on the top of my dreams that I want to do. RA Knife, thank you so much for your efforts and your unselfish ways of extending the recipes and the history. I feel like watching her now, I can definitely relate to her. Best regards to you and goodluck to your endeavor! ???

  34. Alex says:

    Thank you for sharing so much information about Li Zi Qi.

    The background scenery in all the videos are so beautiful. Do you know if there are travel agencies that organize tours for tourists to visit these traditional places that are shown in her videos? I would love to visit one day and try all those amazing food.


    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Alex.

      You can have a try to travel alone. Here is safe for all travelers. Some traveling information you can get from “Lonely Planet” or other traveling forums. Keywords: Sichuan / scenery / food. Your first destination might be Chengdu city, and then make your next traveling plan. The pace of life in Sichuan is slow and comfortable. Or if you would like to visit Li’s hometown, you can make Pingwu 平武county, Mianyang 绵阳 City as your destination.

  35. 莊天鵬 says:

    Looking forward to your post about Hanfu! I hope that she will continue to wear Hanfu and raise awareness for it. It’s sad that most people only know about the qipao.

    • R.A Knife says:





  36. Reema says:

    Hi R.A KNIFE.. Thank you so much for collecting these much information about Li Ziqi.. I was very much wondered how this li’l girl is doing all these crafts alone… She is a wonder woman & I’m very much inspired of her. It just like what I have always wished to do.,to live in such a beautiful house & place. It Feels so fresh and peaceful while watching her video. One more question is there any way so that I can convey my regards directly to her.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Reema.

      Thanks for your comments

      She learned those skills from her grandpa and grandma.

      Also, the only way you can send her messages is her FB page which is run by a third-party company. If you can use SINA WEIBO, try to leave a comment under her posts.

  37. Tim Seaward says:

    Hello RA Knife,
    Love the videos … I have a question regarding the vid on pea noodles. Is there a recipe that I can follow to produce the starchy noodles she makes? I have tried following what she does on the vid … but I must be missing something because I do not end up with a translucent ‘glue’ She sure is revolutionizing and inspiring!! Thanks – regards – Tim

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Tim.

      Could you tell us which episode? Or its release date? We will check and hope that we can help.

      • Tim Seaward says:

        Well this is embarrassing! My history has informed me that the video has been removed by the user … is that me – or Li? Anyway, I can no longer find it!! The title contained “pea noodles” in it, that is all I can say. I cannot find any other recipe that shows me how to make noodles from the ‘pea’ – which I presume is soya bean. I’ve made the milk but I cannot separate the starchy stuff from the ‘milk’ … can you help?

        • R.A Knife says:


          There are some episodes about noodles. Episode 20160924; 20161114; 20170722; 20181125; 20190412.

          You can scroll up and check them. Some of them have been redirected to Youtube, just click their names.

          • Tim Seaward says:

            Got it! … There is no episode number on Youtube – well, not in English. It is the episode titled “How to make Chinese pea-flour noodles”. Is there a written recipe for this incredible food? I’ve made the milk (having separated the okara). I do not understand what happens next.

  38. gingermint.rose says:

    Dear R.A Knife,
    Of course, we are all inspired by Liziqi but finding your blog with a thorough explanation and detailed background information about her work is equally appreciated. I’m Chinese but do not read Chinese and it gives me so much pleasure to read your blog so that I can appreciate Liziqi’s amazing handicraft even more. Peace and Love from Boston, MA

  39. JC says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article! I live in rural Northern New Mexico, USA and have been following Liziqi for a while now. I think her videos and skills are amazing and she’s such an inspiration to me. I think she’s the best thing on YouTube.

  40. Jenna says:

    Hello from Canada! I stumbled across her videos and was so entralled i binged watched any I could find for days. So many things make it compelling…the music, the peacefulness, the beautiful coutryside, amazing food and its process, her discipline and calmness, her clothes, the grandma, etc. It all comes together and you sense such a calming peace and joy. I was so inspired by her and her discipline that it sparked a revival in my spirit and I have found joy in doing anything i can outside and gardening. I also went and bought the biggest wok i could at a Chinese market and converted an old dryer into a makeshift cooker with the wok on top and firepit inside (took out drum) and i prepare and cook all my food outside when i can thanks to her. Its a crude version of what she does but its all i could come up with and it works, and has made me very happy doing all this. And whenever i am anxious or upset i just watch some of her videos and i calm right down. Or whenever i need inspiration i watch her videos. I am always left in awe of her for many reasons and respect her deeply for the beautiful person she is inside and out and all the hard work she does, and so impressed with her intelligence. Her relationship with her grandma is so very special and beautiful and brings tears to my eyes sometimes. Ive come to love grandma just as much as Liziqi! It doesnt matter that language seperates us, for what all she does and is transcends through any barrier and one can sense the love, joy, peace, quiet discipline, dedication and hardwork all on its own. A BIG thank you to Liziqi (& her pt photographer), & grandma (& anyone else involved) for all you do and bringing smiles to all us around the world. Your light shines brighter than most, and its sad when darkness tries to lessen that, but never stop for light penetrates dark and provides a way for all us to see. Blessings and love, and thanks again for sharing your beautiful world with us!

  41. Linda says:

    Well done! So many non-Chinese speakers would love to read your article.
    BTW, can you use “suggest somebody (should)do something ” instead of “suggest somebody to do something”

  42. Dana says:

    Hello !
    I really love her videos , I find it very relaxing !
    This is a stupid question , but do you think she allows people to visit her , or perhaps taste her food?
    I really want to meet her lol ?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Dana.

      Please don’t visit her place. As you may know that she has been stalked and harassed by other Vloggers. We all love Li, just enjoy her videos.

      Also, I contacted and confirmed with Li’s assistant “Min Guo 民国” twice. She told me that they did not open an online shop and do any online ads to promote and sell Li’s food overseas. But they did have such a plan to open one soon. Please wait for a few days. Also, all Chinese fans know that Li’s food is free of preservatives. This food may go bad in international transportation during this hot Summer.

  43. Jane says:

    I am very curious thought… Isn’t Youtube banned in China ? How is ZiQi able to keep her channel so openly without getting it deleted by authorities ?

  44. Harun says:

    Thanks for your time and effort to write this astonishing article.
    The videos she make is just amazing. It’s like people say, fruits will bear after effort and she is a living example.
    It’s sad she got harrased by other bloggers and I understand you want to protect her. But at the same time I want to talk to her personally, tell her my story and build a strong friendship. Is there a way to get in touch with her or her assistance Min Guo?

    Anyway, thanks for your time and effort to read this through,


  45. Saad Bin Kabir says:

    Thank you soo much for writing this wonderful article about my favorite YouTuber! I was very curious to know about her in person and her life in general. Your article made it very transparent and I am happy to find it. I pray for your well-being and prosperity. Once again, from the core of my heart, THANK YOU.

  46. Daniel Beh says:

    Hi Li,
    Loves to see your short videos on cooking various village style country food. Would be better to use less oil for cooking. We enjoy your shows…keep it up.

  47. Sharon Long says:

    Thank you for the article about Li ziqi. I read some of the other comments and cannot believe some people. What they need to remember is that Li ziqi is not their property just because she is well known for her videos. This does not give them the right to details about her life. If she wanted these things known she would post them. The fact that you respect her enough not to publish details she doesn’t want known is wonderful. I was shocked that other vloggers went to such lengths to cause her problems. Envy and jealousy are strong and horrible emotions. I grew up on a farm in Canada and know how long it takes to make things. Certainly not 5-10 minutes for most of the things Li ziqi makes or cooks. Her editing skills are wonderful. On the Treasures of China video (I think) it shows her signing boxes and parasols and fans. Does she sell these? If yes, where please? Also on the video about making snacks for a festival, she makes a great deal and puts them in plastics bags and in wooden crates. There were candy apples and a toffee? popcorn, and other treats. Were those to give to friends or to sell? It is just out of curiosity that I ask. So thank you again for the wonderful story of Li ziqi. Please give her my respect and good wishes for greater success in the future.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for understanding. It is ok for me.

      Regarding her food or products that she made. Yes, those products are sold online by her company in China (She registered a year before.) But there are no online shops overseas run by her team or a third party which she authorizes. I have confirmed this several times with Ming Guo(her assistant). But I am so sure that her team will open an online shop later on. Please wait for a little longer.

      All products sold on the internet will be authorized by her company. If there is no certificate of authorization on those online shops, please don’t contact them.

  48. Mark says:

    Interesting! When I saw how many subscribers she had on Youtube if figured they must be using a bot farm for ad revenue or something like that. Haha. 15 millions fan on Weibo though… that’s legit. I spent 3 weeks traveling in Sichuan and love it, especially the remote mountainous regions! She’s producing what is essentially a fantasy series that is appealing to so many people.

  49. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for this! Her videos are my favorite thing on the internet. I hope someday there will be versions with English subs. I so intrigued by everything in her videos but I don’t know what everything is. She used vegetables I’ve never even seen before! Thanks again!

  50. aneeta says:

    this is a great page for her fans. I discovered her videos 2 days ago and im addicted.

    why have you blocked accessibility to copy anything from the page? I only want to email myself the Chinese rouge makeup method as I don’t understand Chinese from her video, but your have blocked any copy or right click. very inconvenient.

  51. Faisal says:

    Hardworking person…great cooker…great garden…various of fruits…nice place & view…never been view 10 video of knowledges…

  52. FARUK says:

    My wife told me to take Li-Ziqi as her rival wife. And there is no objection to him being a rival wife. ha ha ha how so funny… … my wife is her great fan.

  53. Radha says:

    I love her from bottom of my heart. I can watch her videos for entire day. she is a inspiration from all angle. No much words to express my thoughts about her. She is fairy.

  54. sally says:

    Hello, first of all, thank you for writing this article.
    I am also sorry to hear that she is being harassed, I hope she will be fine and alright.
    I enjoyed her video so much, it enhances my knowledge a lot, and the food she cooks really look tasty.
    Her video is calming and educating, and I hope she could make more good videos in the future. <3 from indonesia.

  55. Christine says:

    My grandpa and I are such huge fans of her but a question my grandpa wanted to ask was:
    Is her garden real? How is she able to source so many fruits and plants and have them looking so rich and ripe and perfect?

  56. Geneviève says:

    Dear R.A. Knife,
    Not much left to say except that I totally agree with all the wonderful comments on Li Ziqi and am appalled by the nasty ones ! Would also like to thank you for this very well made article, at last the non Chinese speakers have access to some information. I very well understand that she must preserve her privacy, what with so many fans, her village would probably become hell (instead of the heaven/haven we have all come to love), unfortunately for us who are all dying to meet her and tell her how much her videos are a ray of light, love and hope in these dark times ! I am also very, very sad to hear she had to move out of her house, is there any chance of her going back ? Could you please tell her that, should she EVER need any help for anything, however big or small, I am sure that there are millions of us who would answer her call. Thank you again Li Ziqi and all those who surround you with love and help. ?

  57. Suhasini says:

    I just started watching Li Ziqi videos, This wonderful and beautiful soul is making sensation. The way she is presenting herself is amazing. Beautiful weather, lovely sceneries, initially i thought it’s all cameras tricks or some fake videos. But later as i started watching, i am in love with Li Ziqi and her grand mother she is so lovable. I am from India, if god permits, i want to meet her and hug her once. She has each and every vegetable and fruits in her garden. She is cultivating everything in her Garden. One day i want to live the way she is living in her sweet home. I never thought China is such attractive country. Please convey my message to her that No matters what happens in her life, she must continue cooking and cultivating. I wish all the best for her future and her cute pet animals are so lovely. Everyday i have to watch her videos atleast for one hour as it is my stress buster. Love you so much Li Ziqi. God bless you always. Lots of love from India. Please do visit India.

  58. Amy says:

    I love her videos, and she seems to be able to do it in some many different scenarios, seasons, and time of day. Do you know what brand and model of camera she uses for her videos? Or, any of the lens? I would love to get some awesome videos, so I was just curious! Thanks so much.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Liziqi : Canon 70D, F18-135 lens. Without inner anti-shake function. Half frame(APS-C).
      Dianxi Xiaoge: Sony A7m3, E28-70 lens. With inner anti-shake function. Full frame.
      Most vloggers on Youtube would like to use: Sony 6400, E18-105mm F4 lens. Half frame.Without inner anti-shake function; Sony 6500, E18-105mm F4 lens.Half frame. With inner anti-shake function; Or Sony A7m3. 24-105mm F4 lens.

      (Most vloggers would also buy an extra lens: 55mm F1.8 for character photography)

      • Amy says:

        Thank you so much for all the info! I appreciate your help!

        I am spreading my the word about Li Ziqi. My friend, Rachel, has even sent a comment/questions as well today!

  59. Rachel says:

    Hello! I was wondering how your “wok kitchen” is built, what size woks you are using, and how big the building is or is it attached to the house? I assume it is made of concrete and not really sure what the surface is made out of that would be called the “top” – it looks like woodgrain? I am hoping to own a farm one day, and I would love to cook in a kitchen like yours. My boyfriend can build just about anything, so if you have any time to get back with me! I am hoping to educate many of my fellow Americans, and I would love to show them a new way of cooking.
    I love your videos. You have inspired me even more to keep growing my hair, growing so many varieties of vegetables, and trying more and more to make food more like art. All of the traditions behind your work clearly shows, and while your life is very strenuous, I hope one day to be able to work just as hard. Even though I live in an environment not suited for it, I am hoping to make your brown sugar blocks from scratch. My grandmother loves your videos as well, and I love your close relationship with your own. I hope to hear back from you as I would love to start putting any of the info you give me into my farm’s future building plans. Thank you!

    Rachel from Kentucky, USA

  60. Maryame says:

    Her videos are amazing no doubt about that and so relaxing too .. I just have one question .. if she lives in China and YouTube is apparently banned in China then how is she able to post her videos ?

  61. Cicily says:

    Thank you for this interesting and well-researched article. One thing: do you know the meaning of the name “Zi Qi”? Thank you.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Cici.

      Thank you so much for this good question, I will give your answer later and update it on the post above. But I need a few whiles to think of how to cover her personal information and give you a perfect answer.

  62. Anda says:

    This is so awesome! Thank you so much for compiling all this info!
    Any chance you can update the list of songs? I really love the calming BG music in each of the videos!
    Thank you again!

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Anda.

      If I could, I will. But, some background music has copyrights required. I will check and release some of them later.

  63. P says:

    Hello R.A. Knife. Thanks for the information on the amazing Ziqi. Is she an only child? I am just wondering when you mentioned at the beginning that she has a brother who plays guitar and sings on the internet. Doesn’t China has a one child per family law? Then how on earth can Ziqi has a brother? If she does have a brother, he must be from her father’s new wife? Anyway, it’s really none of my business, but I’m just perplexing at the statement. I’m sorry, I’m just one of those people who questions everything. LOL.

    • R.A Knife says:


      It is ok for your question. 1. This relates to the traditional ideas of the Chinese people in the past-“to carry on the family line”. 2. For “One child policy”. The vast majority of ethnic minorities are not bound by this policy.

  64. Didier says:


    Thx for your job and sharing informations about the incredible work of Ziqi. But in the interview it’s said “No shop for international”….

    I ordered few weeks ago some food products on this site and received them today and the packaging correspond exactly to what is on the Chinese website of liziqihttps: //

    Two questions:
    1. Is it counterfeit? Or is it an independent who buys the real products “Li ziqi” but distributes them on his own initiative …

    2. The range presented on this Chinese site exists beautiful and well?

    Thank you for your help, because I would like to know if what I bought at a high price, is actually a product of his company.

    Beautiful day.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Didier.

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have confirmed twice with Minguo personally. She gave me a definite answer- Li ziqi’s company did not open any online shops for the overseas markets currently. Here in China, if you open an online store in the food range, you have to provide some food inspection certificates and business licenses. As some guys are making counterfeit products in China and for food safety reasons, Li’s company might not consider opening a store for the overseas markets.

      Yes, the link of Tmall is correct, you can check this store’s company by stoping a few second on its name, then you can see the company that runs this store called”杭州微念科技有限公司”(Weinian), and certified by the China State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

      If you found some online stores that claim to be overseas agents, ask them for showing C/A. As far as I know, the Weinian is a large and powerful MCN type company, it will not act like those niche sites in both website design and ads promotion if it wants to open an online store for overseas.

      • Didier says:

        But when I saw the site “Chinese” and are incredible aesthetic, as beautiful and professional as the videos of Li ziqi, I thought it could only be “official”.

        I found that the site “international” was unattractive and tinkered …

        Last question: do you sell your knives internationally? If so, are the knives used by Ziqi “Banjan” or “Plum blossom”?

        Thank you for your answer and congratulations for your sublime cutlery work!


        • R.A Knife says:

          Yes, we sell all the cleavers overseas. Banyan is a bit similar to the chopper that Li uses, we’ve made some improvements to meet customers’ needs.

          I would like to share some of my opinions with cleavers/kitchen knives. To prepare a delicious and good-looking dish needs both good cooking skills(control of the temperature, wok skills etc) and the way how to handle ingredients. (knife work is one of them, but it’s not the deciding factor.) If you already have a complete set of kitchen knives, just use them to handle the ingredients. If you are not used to Chinese traditional cleavers, I don’t recommend you to buy it. (What a strange shop owner, right? Hahaha)

          I will feel frustrated if I got some negative feedback from some of my customers that they actually don’t like this type of cleavers or don’t know how to use Chinese cleavers. On one hand, every cleaver is made by our masters hammer by hammer. Yes, they are not so superior like other brands, like Japan’s or Germany’s. But they are truly hand-forged. On the other hand, most of the customers who bought those cleavers are fans of Li ziqi, I personally don’t want them to spend money on what they really don’t need. It is not so easy for every hard-working people to earn money.

          • Didier says:

            Thank you for your honesty. I am also a self employed, and sometimes I also advise against a job (which could bring me money) to my client, if he does not need it. I understand your approach and it is to your credit. However, I am simply fond of a beautiful knife. I have several very varied knives (outdoor work, forest work, camping, cooking, etc …). I also already have a real Japanese knives … and use it because I enjoy Asian cuisine (rather Thai …). but I find particularly interesting the use of a knife with wide possibilities of use. Like a Swiss army knife for cooking ;-). Moreover having a traditional Chinese knife would be an honor … I will think again about the purchase and thank you again for this benevolent discussion and for your work!

      • Didier says:

        ( Sorry, for the double answer…. problem with copy/past 😉 )

        Thank you for your quick reply ! It’s nice to be able to chat live as well.

        Thank you for your confirmation and your help. I forgot to put the link of the site on which I made my order for a delivery in my country (Switzerland). Here it is:

        The products are extremely expensive, but out of curiosity, I wanted to order them. but 40.- dollars for 1 jar …

        But when I saw the site “Chinese” and are incredible aesthetic, as beautiful and professional as the videos of Li ziqi, I thought it could only be “official”.

        I found that the site “international” was unattractive and tinkered …

        Last question: do you sell your knives internationally? If so, are the knives used by Ziqi “Banjan” or “Plum blossom”?

        Thank you for your answer and congratulations for your sublime cutlery work!


  65. Amy says:


    I am so excited!! My grandparents have acquired some lamb; it is usually super expensive around here. We are having a cooking day next weekend, as it is getting pretty cold, and we want to eat something hearty. We all want to try the 20180804 “Chinese red cooked lamb legs.” Any possible way we can get the recipe? Thanks so much!

    Also, I am not sure if you know or not, but I notice a lot of the newer videos do not have English subtitles, on YouTube. I was just wondering if there was a reason why, will the subtitles appear soon on those videos, or if there was a kind person somewhere that was putting the subtitles on there and just cannot right now? I was just curious. Thanks for anything you may know.

    • R.A Knife says:


      It is easy to cook this dish. But you have to buy some ingredients from Amazon or supermarkets in Chinatown. I will put its recipe in short later.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi May.

      Please check out the recipe above on the 20180814. Before cooking this dish, you’d better try to make some beef or pork in the same way, to see how many ingredients you should use by a certain amount of meat. Some famous Chinese “red-cooked dishes”, like, red-cooked pork/beef/pork ribs/trotters, are cooked in a similar way. Try it.

  66. Dawn Clark says:

    I have found your article very interesting. What are the clay stoves, both individual and large pot size, called and where is a good place to get some?

    • Sherman says:

      The clay stoves are all hand-made, using brick to build the core for the large one and iron cylinder as core for the small one, then rendered thickly with clay to keep heat inside and avoid burning your body or animal on outside. The clay is taken from rice field and always soaking in water and very fine.

  67. Carolyn says:

    I’ve been watching her videos for several months now, and I never cease to be impressed by her calm manner, creativity, and expertise in so many areas. I really like the fact that there is no one speaking…it is so peaceful and calming just to see her move about with such grace and assurance. In a world where so many people seek to be known, and constantly applauded, it’s refreshing to watch her unassuming manner, not drawing attention to herself, but to the process. She’s a special individual…not one made from a ‘mold’ but uniquely styled in her own right.

  68. Pingback: The story behind Li ziqi | NCTIP

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi friend.

      Hope you can see my reply.

      It is alright to share this post or even post it on your website. I checked the link you give us that you just re-posted it, and did not make any changes, esp. those images I used on this post which are copyrighted. As we indicated at the beginning of the post”*Original Content, if reproduce, please indicate the source and this post’s link.*“, please give your post a link on the top to tell readers the source of the post.

  69. Stephnie Firestein says:

    Hi, this article about Who is Li ZiQi ? | A famous Chinese food expert and
    vlogger | Rong Ai is very useful and inspirational.

  70. ben kwan says:

    Can you share your filming processing to your viewers, I love your clips, every clips are well thought.
    I am very surprised that editing was done on iphone. Open another channel or playlist for your viewers. Good stuffs

  71. Phan Tuan Huy says:

    Hello R.A Knife,
    I watched Liziqi’s video(s) by chance recently (in April 2020), they are wonderful. Her video makes me peaceful while I am stressing in life. I love Liziqi very much so far, then try to understand who is she. That is reason why I am writing here to you. Thank you very much for all useful information in English about her. I understood that why she is loved very much around the world.
    Please help me to keep her information updated always, keep this your useful link in English –
    Finally, I wish you and your family happiness, safe, good health always.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
    April 2020

  72. Callum says:

    Thanks for this post, it’s a wonderful guide to Liziqi’s videos. I was wondering, do you know what song is used in the video ‘20200107 Clay pot rice with Sichuan spicy sausages’? It sounds similar to a song I’ve heard before, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is! Even just a hint would be appreciated.

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi, Callum.

      This background music called”那风停下”. An e-mail has been sent to your mailbox with its link, please check.

  73. Tony Oei (黄忠正) says:

    Glad to know more about this beautiful lady. Touching how she treated her grandma: with much respect and love. Very nice you don’t tell much about her personal information due to protect her life. Wishing her much love and happiness. Kind regards from an European-Chinese man.

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