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Dianxi Xiaoge – A Golden Peacock From Yunnan

Baoshan保山 is named as the “Place of Peacocks” in Chinese, since for the Dai people, peacock is a symbol of good fortune, happiness, beauty and kindness. rongai knife dianxi xiaoge golden peacockThe Prefecture faces Myanmar in the south, and is situated on the southwestern part of Yunnan. Baoshan has a typical southern subtropical monsoon climate. Its abundant water resources, warm and humid climate contribute to a rich variety of local flora and fauna, and also provide rich and fresh ingredients which are turned into various cuisines.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge the south of colorful clouds S

Yunnan 云南( Yun 云: clouds, Nan 南: South) – the South Of Colorful Clouds. This beautiful place gave birth to a famous blogger in gastronomy – Dianxi Xiaoge. People who know her well usually call her sister “Ah Pan“. In 2018, she began to appear frequently in various Chinese online platforms with her conical bamboo hat, simple wear and pretty face. With unique food ingredients, culinary skills, beautiful and natural sceneries in front of the camera,Dianxi Xiaoge quickly attracted a lot of fans in a short time, and became one of the most famous figures online in China in 2018.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge perfect wife S

Although Dianxi Xiaoge has become a new famous person online, and that she has millions of fans on all major online platforms, what really attracts us is the simple, pure beauty behind her pretty facade. Unlike other online stars, Dianxi Xiaoge gives a very down-to-earth impression. In China, usually when the elderly chooses the perfect wife for their son, They would often say, “this lady is suitable to get married with, and to spend days with.”

In 2016, she quit her job in Chongqing because of her illness, and she returned to Yunnan. Xiaoge needed a job with which she could stay at home and earn an income. She realized how special Yunnan cuisine is, how unique the ingredients are, and how difficult it is to get these ingredients in other provinces, and since she’d always been fond of cooking under the influence of her mother, she started to have an idea to make videos about Yunnan cuisines. In addition, she also started selling some local products in Yunnan along with making videos. Later, she named herself “Dianxi Xiaoge”滇西小哥, since that’s where her hometown is – Baoshan is on the southwestern part of Yunnan(西:West), and its alias is “Dian”滇; another reason is her personality – “Xiaoge” 小哥 means “little brother” in Chinese, implying that she’s a simple, easy-going person, like what most guys are.

Below are a few questions and answers about Dianxi Xiaoge:

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge dog S

How old is Da Wang, the dog of Dianxi Xiaoge?  What breed is the dog?

When Da Wang became a family member of Xiaoge, it was in January 2018, almost 2 years old at the time. It’s a big dog weighing around 50kg. It is an Alaskan Malamute.

Dianxi Xiaoge Cleaver

The kitchenware of Dianxi Xiaoge

As a food vlogger, Dianxi Xiaoge’s kitchenware of course catches most of the people’s attention. rongai knife dianxi xiaoge wooden clampMost of the containers appearing in her videos are made with local characteristics, and a lot are made from bamboo, wood and iron. In fact, as a foodie, I still care about the wooden clamp that she always uses to squeeze juice, and her clip steel cleaver with special patterns. 

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The team supporting Dianxi Xiaoge

At present, there are only two people in the team. She signed a contract with Papitube (In 2016, Papitude was founded and invested by the most influential online idol “Papi Jiang” means “Little Papi”, and it’s a company for online idols marketing and promotion). And her videos have been promoted by Papitude. Xiaoge said that during her toughest times, Papitube helped her a great deal.

For a detailed introduction of Xiaoge, please see this video

Today, let’s talk about the last two years of my video making journey.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge yunnan food
Yunnan food

Characteristics of Yunnan cuisine

The Dian cuisine is equal to Yunnan cuisine, it’s one of the most prominent local cuisines in the Chinese culinary system. Dian cuisine is embraced by its uniqueness. It has combined the culinary cultures of 52 ethnic minorities in Yunnan, and it also has the distinctive characteristics of the culinary culture of Han. It is hence the fusion of the culinary culture of Yunnan minorities and Han.

Yunnan cuisine consists of the specialties from the following regions:

rongaiknife dianxi xiaoge dayao pancakes
Dayao pancakes

The Central Yunnan cuisine focuses on those from Kunming, Chuxiong and Yuxi. In these areas, rainfall and natural resources are abundant. There are a lot of famous chefs. Here, you will find the essence of the local people’s culinary culture. The varieties, complexity and integrity of the Yunnan culinary culture are prominent and fully distinct in this area. Such a culinary culture takes in the spirit to incorporate things of diverse nature, truly embracing the exchanges of different cultures. Its new gastronomic culture, the promotion of culinary views, and trends bringing an influence to the Yunnan culinary culture can truly represent the essence and fineness of the Yunnan cuisine.

Xuanwei preserved ham

The northwestern Yunnan cuisine consists food cultures from Qujing, Xuanwei and Zhaotong. Due to its geographical proximity to Sichuan, it is highly influenced by its economy and culture. Its culinary culture blends in the cultures of Han from Yunnan, and the local ethnic minorities (such as Yi people), such a mixture is the highlight of the northwestern Yunnan cuisine. Its cooking method, tastes of the dishes are similar to that of Sichuan cuisine.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge bai cold dish
Bai Cold Dish

The western Yunnan cuisine focuses on Dali. This cuisine has a strong and rich color on Bai people and their culinary cultures, and it retains the ancient food traditions of Nanzhao and Dali. The local dairy products, the aquatic products of the freshwater lake, the plums, the locally brewed wine, the local tea, etc. truly reflect the distinct local and ethnic characteristics of the western Yunnan cuisine.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge guoqiao rice noodles
Guoqiao rice noodles

The southern Yunnan cuisine is centered on Dehong, Lincang and Banna. There is a combination of foreign Han immigrants, local ethnic minorities (Yi and Jingpo people, etc.), Southeast Asian food cultures, as well as distinctive tropical and subtropical food culture characteristics. They clearly bring about the dietary traditions of the Yi and other rice-cultivating ethnic groups. Thanks to the fertile local farmland, it is rich in producing all kinds of plants and flowers, represented by edible wild mushrooms, wild vegetables, fruits and flowers, insects and fermented foods. Besides, its traditional cooking and processing methods, unique taste of dip sauces, together with its glutinous rice as the main food, all compose of the specialties of the local area.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge rich ingredients
Kingdom of Fungi

Rich ingredients

Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, with stretching mountains, flat dams and lakes inlaid between them. It forms a beautiful scenery and a three-dimensional climate type including tropical, subtropical, temperate and cold zones. The diverse landscape and climate are extremely beneficial to the growth of many animals and plants. The ingredients used in the Yunnan cuisine are widely chosen, and they’re rich and unique. Most of them are from the nature, they’re green, nutritious, ecological and they can help with healthcare. Known as the “Kingdom of Fungi”, “Kingdom of Plants” and “Kingdom of Animals”, Yunnan provides the most abundant wild mushroom resources in China and the world. There are more than 250 edible wild bacteria, and the most commonly seen types are Bovine bacterium, Russula virescens, Termite Mushroom, Ganba fungus, bamboo fungus, pine mushroom, etc.

In Yunnan, where it’s like Spring all year round, flowers are not the only ornamental plants, but also delectable dishes. Many flowers of great value such as chrysanthemums, white rhododendrons, roses, lilies, magnolias, osmanthus, etc. can be made into famous dishes. The precious herbs produced in Yunnan, such as Sanqi, Cordyceps, and Gastrodia are excellent nourishing herbs. The perennial vegetables in Yunnan are evergreen, and wild grass is found everywhere. There is a saying “we eat flowers in Spring, mushroom in Summer, fruits in Autumn, and vegetables in Winter”, which reflect the light, simple, original, fresh and sweet flavors of the Yunnan cuisine. Different kinds of highland lakes contribute to a valuable birthplace of a rich variety of fish, shrimps and frogs, contributing to the rich ingredients, a wide variety of species, and a sense of the countryside. All of these have formed countless popular dishes and specialties in Yunnan. In particular, the use of some special products and seasonings plays a big role in the formation of flavors, such as Xuanwei ham, cheese, lemongrass, Zhaotong sauce, Qiubei pepper, Lunan beancurd, Qujing leeks, rose-flavoured salted turnip. They are high-quality pickles and seasonings with specialties, and their distinctiveness bring a unique taste to the Yunnan cuisine, providing a necessary and materialistic basis for its development.

rongai knife dianxi xiaoge Jianshui purple pottery Steam Pot Chicken
Jianshui purple pottery ‘Steam Pot Chicken’

Unique cooking techniques

Yunnan is a large province with minorities. The simple and traditional cooking methods of 52 ethnic minorities, combined with the cooking skills of the Han, make the cooking techniques of Yunnan cuisine rich and versatile. It includes Han’s steaming, frying, quick-frying, marinating, quick-boiling and stewing, and the cooking methods of ethnic minorities such as roasting, pounding, warming up, pickling, stone cooking, and salt-baking with a container. The Yunnan cuisine has a rich legacy and reflects the customs of Yunnan ethnic minorities. Most of the eating utensils of ethnic minorities are made of natural materials such as bamboo, pottery, wood and leaves. For example, they put glutinous rice in bamboo to make bamboo rice, and it has a nice fragrance and soft texture. They also use hollowed pineapples to make pineapple purple rice, which has a fresh pineapple flavor. Moreover, they also use clay utensil, made from Jianshui purple pottery, to cook steamed chicken, such a truly authentic dish is mouthwatering with its tender meat and sweet soup. The above cooking techniques and culinary utensils express the idea of the adaptation to the environment and nature of the Yunnan people.

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38 thoughts on “Dianxi Xiaoge

  1. bookyeti says:

    Thank you for this closer look at Dianxi Xiaoge. Hubby and I enjoy watching her videos very much! (So sorry to hear she struggled with health issues.) She brings many people joy with her lovely cooking videos and it’s beautiful to see how she cares for her family. And of course DaWang doggy can’t help but makes us smile!

  2. alwa says:

    I just love her videos which I chanced upon one day. They are warm and comforting. Her village and Yunnan are just breathtaking and I am amazed with nature’s bountiful offerings and the breathtaking scenery. How I envy Dianxi Xiaoge! I am glad that she persevered through the rough patches and I admire her ability to cook and do all sorts of things around the house and farm. Keep it up! As a Muslim, I was really excited to watch her rushan cheese video since I got a glimpse of the Muslim Hui people in Yunnan. Now I have plans to visit Yunnan and would love to meet Dianxi Xioge!

    • R.A Knife says:

      Alwa, thank you so much for your comments. Glad to hear that you got a plan to visit Yunnan. Warmly welcome.

  3. Queen Ness says:

    When my boyfriend first saw her video on fb, he was amazed by her cooking skills and her simplicity in life. He said he already found his new gf 😂😂😂.. kidding aside, both admire Dianxi Xiaoge. She inspires me to cook more foods which I can see on my surroundings. Simple yet healthy foods. Wishing her more videos of cooking to share and more people she inspire.. 😊😊😊

  4. Pankaj Mohan Joshi says:

    Mam I liked your videos too much. But if u don’t mind please dear mam do tell me your dong breed I m too wanting to have a dog like that …You can tell me the dawang’s breed on this no +918941047030….Please mam it’s a very humble request

  5. Rhodora says:

    Her videos make me reminisce the life I once lived. The farm, the mountains , the simplicity and most is the small knitted community living where each one knows another. I really love watching each of her videos, it inspires me a lot.

  6. Nisha Pramod says:

    Your videos are great like your family. I would like to know more about your family, how many bros and sis do you have? I understood your Grand parents and would like to know about your parents. I saw one pic with your parents but in your videos i am missing them, may be i am wrong and confused.. 😊

  7. Ayen Fugaban says:


    I really love your videos! I really admire your cooking techniques. I admire your simplicity, your food, your culture and envy the simple yet amazing life you guys have. You are so blessed to have such wonderful community and place that can provide you everything you need best of all they are all organic! Thank you for inspiring me to cook best food for the ones we dearly love.

  8. RAJANI A N says:

    Hi, Dianxi your videos, ur place, cooking everthing are really amazing. Me and my kids watch your videos often. Hope if I could visit ur place and meet u. My hearty regards to all there. Thanks

    • Rasika says:

      I love watching your show. Your cooking skills, hardwork, kitchen, Yunnan farms are really appreciative. Lot’s of good wishes to you Dianxi and your family.

  9. Sumeiya says:

    Gracious, elegant yet humble, so addict to her videos!!! Really genuine and truthful, heart warming, natural and kind heated as well.
    Love how she cares her family, so precious.
    I also really enjoyed my people, muslims being seen briefly in Yunaan cheese video.
    Please add more other minority cuisinse too please, she makes me want to settle in Yunnan province from NYC LOL.
    Thank you so much for all your videos!!

  10. Marichu de Sesto says:

    I like all your show.You are a wonderful human being so graceful and so close with your family. I like your recipe with beef and the nuts.Do you have all the recipes in English.

  11. arun says:

    hello dianxi . ur videos always makes me relax . it would be better if u can add english subtitles to it . i have a chinese friend she is from dalian ,she could speek good english . it needed i could introduce her to u .

  12. Nilda Charintranont says:

    Love your cooking, looks sooooo good. . Haven’t seen a new video
    since May 2019. Do you have new ones… take care we enjoy very much your cooking.

  13. Vishnu R says:

    I’m addicted to Dianxi’s cooking style and the beauty of her village. How magnificent it is..And i strongly believes that i will meet her one day!!

  14. Karen says:

    Is there an address that I can mail a gift to Dianxi, I made a Felt Painting of DaWang because Dianxi has made my life a much happier place with her videos?

    • R.A Knife says:

      Hi Karen.

      The Papitube handles all of her business activities. If you would like to send her a gift, you find her fans’ page on Facebook, and show it on the page. She might get this message then.

  15. Marina Tlau says:

    I always watching her cooking videos on face book and youtube. I’m really love her video and fond of watching her video. She is simple but really cute and looks innocent.

  16. Flávia de Melo Gomes says:

    Oláaaa Dianxi
    Quero te parabenizar pelos lindos videos quero agradecer também deve da um trabalhão.
    Dianxe depois que passei a assistir seus vídeos maravilhosos me senti melhor em relação comigo mesma seus vídeos me trazem muita paz.
    Olha eu ja vi todos no YouTube no Facebook repetidamente assisto todos os dias.
    Que lugar lindo que vc mora seu pudesse iria conhecer.
    Seu cão é lindo sua família muito simpática e linda também.
    Sua comida é maravilhosa .
    Espero que vc fique bem sempre.
    Parabéns e obrigada. 😍😘

  17. Preethi says:

    Myself and my 4 year old daughter are huge fan of hers. My daughter watches her cooking videos every day before going to bed and she would have watched the spices one about 50 times now. She calls her the cooking lady 🙂 Looking forward to meet her one day..

  18. Ammer says:

    Hi dianxi
    Live to see your cooking skill and fabulous natural scenery. Perhaps the video added with English subtitles, then the video become perfect

  19. Momma Bintang/Nazma says:

    Pertama lihat video anda,Sy sangat kagum pd anda Dianxi xiaoge,anda membuat sy iri dgn anda ygbegitu menawan piawai dlm memasak,sbgmanusia anda tlh mendapatkan segalanya,keberkahan dari Tuhan,lewat kecantikan,keterampilan,danlainnya anda adlh sosok wanita idealsempurna..salam buat anda dan keluarga jg Dawang tentunya SMG sehat selalu dianxie.

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