Chinese rouge 3 rong ai knife

The Chinese Rouge used in ancient times is equivalent to nowday’s lipstick and blush. In the book “Dream of Red Mansions”, Jia Baoyu had a habit of eating the precious Chinese Rouge used on women’s lips, as high-end rouge in ancient times were made of various petals and steamed with liquid distilled from flowers.

Warm Tips:

1. Users allergic to pollen are not recommended to purchase.
2. Pregnant women are not recommended to purchase. Although the product is certified by the National Inspection Agency and is edible, pregnant ladies are advised not to try for safety concerns.


An exquisite face and fine eyebrows, her intriguing smile that says beauty


Made traditionally with infused essence, immersed into the ancient beauty

Warm Tips:

1. This product is for external use only

2. If your skin encounters any discomfort or is allergic to a certain ingredient of this product, please stop using it immediately.

3. Ingredients: Bluestone powder; Jojoba Oil; Shea nut oil; Olive Oil; Rosa Rugosa