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Chinese dishes(Chinese Cuisine), is a part of Chinese culture. There are eight big cuisines in China. Along with the development of Chinese cutlery, Chinese dishes is a typical symbol for China.

Sweet Pear Steamed with Sichuan Fritillary Bulb

Sweet Pear Steamed with Sichuan Fritillary Bulb

This is a cough suppressant that is easy to make but is often forgotten by people. Sweet pear steamed with Sichuan fritillary bulb is good for people who “cough with heat in their lungs” (that is, when they have a lot of phlegm when coughing), especially for people whose face turn completely red when they […]

Monk Fruit Tea

monk fruit tea banner

(Keywords: Liangcha, Chinese herbal tea, natural sweetness without calories, earthy, no drug, healthy, no caffeine) During autumn and winter when the weather is dry, it is easy to have “yeat hay” in your body, which leads to coughing (when a Chinese person says they have “yeet hay”(inner heat or internal fever), what they are usually […]

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